Global Research Conference on Nutritional Science and Food Technology


Food Science & Technology Nutrition Science

Global Research Conference on Nutritional Science and Food Technology (GRCNSFT2024) which is going to be held on November 18-20, 2024 at Dubai, UAE invites all the Food and Nutrition professionals, Dieticians, Food Chemists, Food Technology Researchers, Nutritional Science Researchers, Food and Nutrition Associations and Societies, Food and Nutrition Faculty, Presidential candidates, Founders, CEO's, professionals, Scholastic staff, and Experts, Young researchers and talented substitute bunches from universities and research labs to share the latest development in the field of Nutritional Sciences and Food Technology.

The Main theme of the congress was “Exploring Recent Advancements and Innovations in Nutritional Science and Food Technology”. And you can also present the latest research achievements in the fields of Food and Nutrition, Nutritional Sciences & Food Technology in connection with health, Medicine and the environment. Providing the right stage to present Plenary Sessions, Keynote talks, invited talks, Poster Presentations, You can refresh your insights about the current innovations in research and get your name and acknowledgment on this 3-days occasion.

We the foster research gives you a memorable conference and definitely you will go out of the conference with the big satisfaction and a memorable one. We are pleased to see you at Dubai, UAE