2024 The International Conference on Automation Engineering and Intelligent Control (AEIC 2024)

AEIC 2024

Automation & Control Theory


The accepted papers will be collected in the conference proceedings and indexed by EI Compendex and Scopus, etc.

Topics (included but not limited to)

◆Autonomous robots


◆Behavioral decision making

◆Artificial intelligence


◆Bayesian controllers

◆Command and control systems

◆Bayesian probability

◆Control system applications

◆Characteristics of intelligent control systems

◆Data analysis, prediction and model identification

◆Computing approaches

◆Data fusion and mining

◆Design concerns

◆Decision support systems

◆Evolutionary computation

◆Distributed decision making

◆Expert control

◆Dynamic systems modeling

◆Foundations of intelligent control

◆Fault diagnosis

◆Fuzzy control

◆High speed communication

◆Fuzzy control design

◆Human factors in system design

◆Genetic algorithms

◆Hybrid systems

◆Genetic operators

◆Hyper network communication

◆Intelligence and intelligent control

◆Image processing

◆Intelligent and autonomous control

◆Image understanding

◆Intelligent control

◆Intelligent control systems

◆Intelligent databases & information retrieval

◆Intelligent control techniques

◆Intelligent information systems

◆Machine learning

◆Parallel computing applications in identification &control

◆Multilayer perceptrons

◆Pattern recognition

◆Neural network controller

◆Prediction and time series analysis

◆Neural networks

◆Qualitative and approximate-reasoning modeling

◆Planning systems for control

◆Risk management

◆The population of individuals

◆Robot dynamics and control

◆Robotics and automation

◆Signal processing

◆System identification

◆Transportation systems

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