The 10th World Conference on Women’s Studies 2024


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  • Event Date: 2024-05-30 ~ 2024-05-31
  • Abstract Submission Date: 2023-12-21
  • Submission Date: 2024-05-15
  • Organizer: International Institute of Knowledge Management
  • Location: Colombo, Sri Lanka

Feminism & Women's Studies Higher Education

The 10th World Conference on Women’s Studies 2024


Welcome to the 10th World Conference on Women’s Studies, which will take place from 30th – 31st May 2024 in Colombo, Sri Lanka (Hybrid Platform), exploring the latest research, ideas, and solutions related to gender equality, women’s empowerment, and social justice. This conference is a unique opportunity to connect with leading scholars, policymakers, and practitioners from around the world, and to engage in a global conversation about the most pressing issues facing women and marginalized communities today.


Theme: “Change-makers: Women’s Studies Scholar-Activism Across the Disciplines”.




  • Queer Optics and Feminism

  • Land Rights

  • Reproductive Politics

  • Women’s Leadership

  • Masculinities Reimagined

  • Reproductive Rights

  • Redistributing Caregiving

  • Precarities and Vulnerabilities

  • Protests and Uprisings

  • Black Lives Matter

  • Dalit Lives Matter

  • Climate Refugees

  • Gender Equality and Educational Systems

  • Toxic Masculinity

  • Resocialization of Men

  • Socialization of Boys

  • Legal Remedies

  • Implementing Law

  • Law and Accountability

  • Inheritance Rights

  • Gender and Sexual Diversity

  • Women’s Human Rights

  • Women, Climate Change, and Inequality

  • Women Empowerment and Social Change

  • Challenging Male Dominance

  • Consciousness-raising

  • Men as Allies in the Struggle

  • Women, Media and Technology

  • Transgender Rights and Sexual Diversity

  • Women’s Success Stories

  • Cyber Feminisms—Blogs, Zines, and Reproductive Rights

  • Activist Art

  • Feminism and Decolonial Praxis

  • Women’s Spirituality and Religion

  • Trafficking and Prostitution

  • Women in Politics and Public Administration

  • Women and Religion

  • Women and Islamic Sharia

  • Motherhood and Work-Life Balance

  • Equity and Equality

  • Laws and Policies

  • Gendered and Sexual Diversities

  • Gendering the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Gender and Intersectionality

  • Feminist Pedagogy and Writing

  • Gender and Migration

  • Climate Crisis and Environmental Activism

  • Women’s Vulnerabilities

  • Popular and Folk Cultures

  • Feminism and Nationalism

  • Inheritance Rights

  • Public Health

  • Navigating Careers and Motherhood

  • Equal Marriage

  • Climate Crisis Resilience

  • Food Sovereignty

  • Peace and Security

  • Economic and Social Stresses

  • Navigating Public Spaces

  • Economic Equity

  • Digital Gender Divide

  • Cyber Crimes


Abstract Submission Deadline: 21st December 2023

Early Bird Payment Deadline: 22nd February 2024

Full Paper Submission Deadline: 15th May 2024


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