Predictive analytics architectures and applications for industrial systems – 2nd edition

IECON Special Session 2022

Computing Systems Remote Sensing

Following last year's success, we are once again organizing an IEEE IECON 2022 Special Session on "Predictive analytics architectures and applications for industrial systems –2nd edition" in this year's event in Brussels in October.
Deadline: 1st of May, 2022
Conference website:
Special session info:
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
1. Architectures for predictive analytics applications
2. Industrial applications and pilots on emerging maintenance techniques
3. Sensors and Cyber Physical Systems for maintenance applications
4. AI based control systems in advanced production
5. Prognostic and Health Management (PHM) / digital twin / condition monitoring
6. Machine learning algorithms
7. Signal analysis algorithms for maintenance applications
8. Diagnosis & Prognosis & Remaining useful life
9. Maintenance safety
10. New frontiers: Machine as a service, maintenance as a service and reliable manufacturing
We would really like to have your paper in our session. So, please feel free to contact me or my co-organisers should you need any help.