SpliTech Aerotech & Aerospace Applications 2021: SpliTech 2021 Special Conference Session CfP

SpliTech Aero 2021

Aviation & Aerospace Engineering

SpliTech Aerotech & Aerospace Applications 2021: SpliTech 2021 Special Conference Session CfP



Dear participants and guests of the 6th SpliTech 2021 Conference on "Smart and Sustainable Technologies",


we are delighted to welcome you to the 2nd Special Conference Session on Aerotech and Aerospace Applications on behalf of the conference organizers and the University of Split, FESB, Croatia.

The event will take place from September 1st to 4th, in Split and island of Brač, Bol, Croatia.





The session is focusing on wide aspects and applications of aeronautics issue, primarily Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) technology and its applications in various industrial and scientific use.


As the use of unmanned autonomous systems increases over time and the price of these systems becomes more available, there are more economically feasible use cases and scenarios for their use. With that in mind, this session will explore advances in multiple areas of aerospace and aerotech engineering.


For detailed submission and type of paper (full, short, technical, poster), please refer to the Call for Authors.






Quick note on dates.

Full Paper Submission:        May  10th, 2021

Notification of Acceptance:    July  5th, 2021

Camera ready paper:            July 25th, 2021





Authors of accepted conference contributions will be given an opportunity to submit full versions of their papers to a special issue of

- MDPI Journal of Applied Sciences (Special Issue on Aerotech and Aerospace Applications) IF: 2.474


Guest Editors:

Prof. dr. sc. Miroslav Kelemen, TUKE, Košice, Slovakia

Prof. dr. sc. Saša Mladenović, PMF, Split, Croatia





Additional Journals supporting the conference include

- Journal of Cleaner Production (Elsevier) IF: 7.246

- International Journal of Energy Research (Wiley) IF: 3.741

- MDPI Energies Journal Special Issue IF: 2.702

- MDPI Electronics Journal Special Issue IF: 2.412

- Energy Sources Part A IF: 1.184


SpliTech conference is held on the island of Brač, Croatia, in the beautiful town of Bol.

We hope that you will enjoy the conference and your visit.



Low-Profile Aerotech

High-Profile Aerotech

Systems Engineering

Software In Aerospace

Dual-Use Items


Aero Structures

Materials In Aerospace

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Heat Transfer

Thermal Dynamics

Testing And Measurements In Aerospace

Agricultural Applications

Photogrametry Applications

Computer Vision In Aerospace

Flight Dynamics


Aircraft Certifications

Aeronautics Education And Training

Aeronautics And Aerospace Engineering

Safety And Security In Aeronautics

Decision-Making Processes



Low Profile Aerotechnics

-    Wind Turbines, Fans, Propulsors, Wings, Sails, Bridges, Towers, Drones

High Profile Aerotechnics

-    Aeroplanes, UAS, UAV, Rocketry

Aerospace Engineering

-    Air Devices, Aircraft Design, Maintenance and Services, Ergonomics


-    Management and Operations, Guidance, Navigation, Avionics

Aeronautics Education and Training

-    Systems, Competencies, Knowledge, Performance of the human factor

Aeronautical Meteorology






UAV/UAS Energy and Thermodynamics

-    Batteries, Consumption, Cooling

UAV/UAS Planning and Engineering Design

-    UTM, Air Corridors, Delivery, Supply, Urban Air Mobility (UAM)

UAV/UAS Modelling and Simulation

-    Improvements, CFD, MATLAB/Simulink, Pixhawk

UAV/UAS Materials and Mechanical Design

-    Advances, Innovative Design

Numerical Methods in UAV/UAS

-    Flows, Optimization

Legal and Quality support

-    Legacy, Security

Other UAV subjects

-    COVID-19 Virus Issues in aeronautics