SUM 2024 - 7th Symposium on Circular Economy and Urban Mining

SUM 2024

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SUM Symposium, organised biennially since 2012 by IWWG–International Waste Working Group, represents the ideal reference Forum for Circular Economy and Urban Mining, where scientists and stakeholders from all around the globe can debate the most advanced results and focus on future needs.

SUM 2024 will be held from 15 to17 May 2024 in Capri, Italy.

The conference programme will feature hundreds of scientific presentations unfolding in parallel tracks of oral sessions, workshops, posters and many other engaging activities.


All authors interested in presenting their work at SUM 2024 should submit their paper by using the online submission form no later than 4 March 2024. Detailed instructions available on the official symposium website:

The Symposium broadly covers all aspects of Circular Economy, including:

Concepts in saving, recovery and recycling of material resources / Prevention, minimisation and preparing for reuse / Sources and characterisation of valuable materials / Technologies for materials recovery and valorisation / Enhanced landfill mining / Quality control along recycling chain / Contaminants in Circular Economy and potential health impacts / Interaction between material flows in society and nature / Economic and financial aspects / Policies and legal aspects / Tools and instruments for assessment and evaluation / Education, communication, social and psychological aspects / Artificial intelligence and digital solutions for Circular Economy / Smart cities and Circular Economy / Waste architecture and urban space / Urban Mining and Circular Economy concepts in emerging and developing countries / Social and ecological models / Companies Forum.

Proposals should be submitted in the form of full papers or short papers (at least 3-4 pages).

The official languages of the Symposium are English and Italian. Papers may be submitted for oral or poster presentation, in English or Italian (or both) for inclusion in the respective sessions.

Detailed instructions available at: