Pacific NW Software Quality Conference

PNSQC 2022

Software Systems

PNSQC 2022 Call for Proposals
PNSQC provides industry professionals the opportunity to write and publish papers, deliver presentations, present posters or workshops at its annual conference. Authors and presenters are invited to use the PNSQC platform to contribute to the industry body of knowledge, gain attention in their field, develop novel ideas and to develop skills to help them grow in their career.
Contribute Your Expertise and Experience to the Conference
After two years of virtual-only conferences, PNSQC is ready to host our first hybrid conference. Hybrid enables us to support international attendees and speakers, as we have over the last two years of the pandemic, while allowing a return to an annual physical conference with its benefits of in-person interactions. Hopefully this will maximize PNSQC’s mission of providing a platform for knowledge exchange.
PNSQC welcomes the following formats of contributed materials for our Annual Conference in October. A Selection Committee evaluates submissions for possible inclusion in the conference’s program.
Conference Papers
Conference Papers are peer-reviewed and published in the PNSQC yearly journals and archived on the PNSQC website. In addition, the author is invited to present the paper at the annual PNSQC conference. These papers may focus on current technology, management, emerging technology, or processes. In general, the paper should identify a problem or challenge, how it was solved, or if the issue were not solved, provide any key insights or observations that would be of value to the audience. The following are the general expectations of the authors.
The paper subject matter should represent a contribution to the body of knowledge of the software industry.
The paper may draw upon previous works, direct work experience, data collection and analysis, research, and/or peer consultation.
Logical development & presentation of the subject should be clear and concise.
Conclusions and claims are supported by data, and the chain of reasoning by which the conclusion was reached.
Paper Structure:
The paper should be six to ten pages in length.
The paper must contain a title page with author names, industry titles, affiliations, and biographies.
The paper must contain a short abstract, introduction, labeled sections, referenced figures, charts, graphs.
The paper must contain a summary/ conclusions and industry and any references to the authors earlier works if applicable.
PNSQC Templates – PNSQC Paper Template (Docx) and PNSQC Paper Template (PDF)
Paper Acceptance and Review:
The authors must first submit an abstract that is no more than one-half page in length, for evaluation and approval by the PNSQC. If accepted, PNSQC will assign one or more reviewers to work with the authors to provide suggestions and guidance, as necessary. If there are grammatical, spelling, or clarity issues the PNSQC reviewers may require the authors to have their own reviewers/editors assist them in correcting the issues to ensure the paper adheres to PNSQC standards. Papers must meet all conference deadlines to be made available to attendees prior to the event. All accepted papers will be presented by an author at the annual conference.