9th International Congress on Engineering and Information 2023

ICEAI 2023

Civil Engineering Environmental Sciences Life Sciences & Earth Sciences (General)

After a long epidemic, ICEAI will hold its 9th meeting in Tokyo in the winter of 2023. All ICEAI members, committee members, and friends who have followed our activities over the years are welcome to participate. I believe that Tokyo, the beautiful place it is, will definitely make this meeting more dazzling. In recent years, climate change and the greenhouse effect have brought huge and irreversible impacts on human life. Many companies and groups have been thinking about how to build a more earth-friendly living environment, and they have also gradually affected corporate production, animal husbandry, waste emissions, environmental protection, and reuse for a series of transformations, To ensure the sustainable development of the environment and society, effective measures are gradually adopted by internationals. Low-Carbonization obviously becomes a global common tendency. Low Carbon Society not only includes the revolution of society's development but also represents new lifestyles and concepts. The issue includes multiple directions: Engineering, Transportation, and Energy saving. Furthermore, Architecture and Social Construction are also topics to which we should be attention.


Low Carbon Technology 

Low carbon power technology/ Sustainable development and growth/ Climate Change and Global Warming/ Low-carbon energy systems and energy justice/ CO2 reduction and low carbon technologies/ Process optimization with carbon reduction in industry/ Energy and life cycle analysis/ Sustainable energy technologies in the built environment/ Solar heating and cooling for the building environment/ Low and zero energy houses and buildings/ Moisture control in buildings/ Integration of renewable energy systems in buildings

Earth Sciences 

Space Physics and Astrobiology/ Atmospheric Science/ Petrology/ Paleoanthropology and Paleoclimatology/ Teaching and learning in Geosciences/ Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Geochemistry/ Geomechanics ,Geotechnics and Geohazards


Chemical Engineering/ Instrumentation Engineering/ Electrical and Electronic Engineering/ Engineering Informatics/ Engineering Psychology/ Engineering science and mechanics/ Food Engineering/ Health Systems Engineering/ Healthcare Engineering/ Mechanical Engineering/ Maintenance engineering/ Material Science and Engineering/ Metallurgical Engineering/ Process System Engineering/ Product Engineering/ Software Engineering/ Systems Engineering/ Sustainable Engineering/ Bioengineering/ Civil Engineering & Architecture

Environmental Sciences 

Distributed energy systems and buildings/ Advanced energy storage technologies/ Renewable energy technologies/ Innovative and emerging new technologies/ Solar collector technologies/ Solar thermal power and solar desalination/ PV cells and system technologies/ Wind power technology/ Biomass and biogas technologies/ Geothermal energy/ Wave and tidal power/ Methods of Environmental Analysis/ Environmental modelling/ Toxicity and Eco toxicity/ Soil Pollution and Remediation/ Transportation & Mobility

Information Sciences 

Industrial and Systems Engineering/ Computer and Software Engineering/ Design and Manufacturing Engineering/ Data Science and Advanced Analytics/ Big Data Engineering/ High Performance Computing and Machine Learning/ Cyber Security Issues/ Emerging Trends and Technologies in ICT Application/ Information & Communication Technology / Artificial Intelligence