Effective Thesis Exceptional Research Award

This award has been established to encourage and recognize promising research by students that has the potential to significantly improve the world.

Submit your thesis, dissertation, or capstone to the Effective Thesis Exceptional Research Award competition today to see your work recognised by an international programme, judged by professional academics from the world's top universities, and join a network of fellow prospective researchers delivering top research in your chosen field.

The Prize

The award has two tiers - undergraduate and graduate. Submissions are judged by a panel of professional academics from the world's top universities. The winning submissions each year will receive $1000 and will be featured on the Effective Thesis website. Aside from the main prize, several commendation prizes will be awarded and receive $100. The number of awards will depend on the quality of the applications we receive.


Submissions can consist of theses, dissertations, or capstone papers at the undergraduate or graduate level. Other substantive work forming part of a graduation semester may also be considered. To be eligible, submissions must have been produced in the academic year 2021 - 2022 and relate to one or multiple research directions prioritised by Effective Thesis. See the list of research directions below or see here for more information.

  • Biosecurity and risks from engineered pathogens

  • Artificial Intelligence Safety

  • Other Global Catastrophic and Existential Risks

  • Animal welfare and sentience

  • Understanding progress and change

  • Global health and wellbeing

  • Understanding and improving decision-making processes

  • Global priorities research

For a better understanding of what topics and research questions might fit the research directions we recommend and to get help in choosing your topic accordingly, you can take a look at our topic inspiration page and apply for our coaching. We also provide some additional help with choosing your supervisor and notifying you about relevant research-related opportunities.

We accept entries from all countries. All entries have to be submitted in English, however, they may be translated if not originally written in English. We would encourage students to not spend excessive time on translation as translated works will not be judged harshly on matters of grammar and style.

To enter your thesis and find out more please visit our website at https://effectivethesis.org/effective-thesis-award/