V Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Teacher Education in Foreign Languages


Foreign Language Learning French Studies Language & Linguistics Literature & Writing English Language & Literature

The Bachelor of Arts Program of Modern Languages with a Major in English and French of the University of San Buenaventura in Cartagena is organizing the Fifth Colloquium on Interdisciplinary Teacher Education in Foreign Languages (CIFLEX). The colloquium was first established as an event for Colombian researchers and faculty. However, since the second event, it has turned into an important gathering where pedagogy, science, research, and technology meet, and where experts in the field from different countries are able to share their knowledge and experiences with both faculty and students from a variety of foreign language programs.


Pedagogy and Didactics of Foreign Languages

• Applied linguistics in language teaching

• Education mediated by new technologies

• Pedagogical innovation in language teaching

• Creation of authentic materials

Post-pandemic Teaching and Learning of Languages 

• Special educational needs

• Significant experiences

• Challenges of post-pandemic teaching

Language, Literature, and Culture in Foreign Languages

• Literary and sociocultural studies

• Artistic and literary creation

• Diversity and inclusion

• Critical discourse analysis

Communication and Human Development in Foreign Languages

• Learning autonomy

• Internationalization and exchange of knowledge 

• Social impact

Interdisciplinary Research in Foreign Language Teaching

• Scientific academic networks

• Convergence of knowledge in the study of foreign languages

• Interdisciplinarity and globalization