The 4th International Conference on Economic Management and Green Development Call for Papers


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ICEMGD is in the call for papers stage. The ICEMGD 2021 conference is run in partnership with Eliwise Academy, based in Oxford, United Kingdom. All papers of ICEMGD 2021 will be published in the volume of Lecture Notes in Economics, Management and Social Sciences (Online ISSN: 2617-1031), which will be submitted to CPCI (Web of Science), CNKI, and Google Scholar for indexing.

Keynote speakers are leaders in their fields and will present valuable findings.

2020 keynote speakers: Prof. Michael Lyons, Ph.D.  (Stanford University), Prof. David Zilberman, Ph.D. (University of California at Berkley) and Prof. Michela Giorcelli, Ph.D. (University of California – Los Angeles). For the upcoming conference’s keynote speakers, please visit the ICEMGD website. New speakers will be updated in due course.


Economic Management, Public Administration, and Green Development. There are 53 topics that fall under these areas. For the full of list topics, please visit the ICEMGD website. If your topic is not directly listed, you may get in contact with to see if it is suitable.



Stanford University.


The ICEMGD 2021 conference is set to be held at Stanford University in January 2021. You may check their website for exact dates as well as any possible deviations due to the pandemic. 

Previous Conference Details

ICEMGD 2020 is available for public viewing online. Please visit the ICEMGD 2021 website to view their previous conference