The topic of war, conflict and society is situated in a set of observations about the transformational processes brought about by warfare in different geopolitical contexts.

Most recently, the war in Ukraine has propelled seismic shifts in the European context concerning questions of security and the status quo of Europe’s socio-political and humanitarian circumstances. Also, in the European realm, the 1998-1999 war in Kosovo - as the last of the Yugoslavian wars of the 1990s - helped reshape our understanding of the legacies of conflict-ridden histories in the present. From an academic viewpoint, the conference of AAB about war, conflict, and society presents a unique platform in which the transformational dynamics of inter-group conflict are discussed in their broadest sense. The aim is to highlight academic studies into conflict from a wide variety of disciplines and through different theoretical and methodological foci. In other words, the conference welcomes research that investigates the ways in which war and conflict shape society, questions of conflict resolution, transitional justice, nationalism, anti-war movements, genocide, etc.

The conference will include but is not limited to the topics below:

- Nationalism and loyalism

- Civic experiences of conflict

- Psychological effects of war

- Peace movements and anti-war protests

- Media and Conflict

- Propaganda, journalism, and war discourses

- Memory and memorialization

- Transitional justice, war crimes

- Linguistic representations of conflict

- Economic and political transformations of conflict

- Human rights and conflict

- Etc.