37th EnviroInfo Conference 2023

EnviroInfo 2023

Engineering & Computer Science (General) Ocean & Marine Engineering Power Engineering Environmental Sciences


• 29.05.2023 Submission Deadline for Full Research Papers and Short/Work in Progress papers

• 26.06.2023 Notification of Acceptance for all Papers

• 24.07.2023 Deadline Camera Ready Submission 

• 07.08.2023 Deadline Poster and Talk only Submission


All information is available online: https://www.enviroinfo2023.eu/participation/call-for-papers/

Submission is open via EasyChair: https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=enviroinfo23 


EnviroInfo 2023 is the 37th edition of the long-standing and well-established international and interdisciplinary conference series on leading environmental information and communication technologies. Combining and shaping national and international activities in the field of applied informatics and environmental informatics in making the world a better place for living, the EnviroInfo conference series aims at presenting and discussing the latest state-of-the-art development on ICT and environmental related fields.

A special focus on this years’ conference will be the topic “Towards a Sustainable Digital Society”. Therefore, EnviroInfo 2023 welcomes papers that are related to topics like:

• Green Computing – a complete overview from development and coding to execution and visualization.

• Sustainable computing, software engineering and digital transformation in general

• Energy-efficient workloads and energy-aware computing concepts

• Harmonization of environmental management information systems

• Shaping our digital society through legal frameworks

The following Special Tracks have been announced:

• Artificial Intelligence and Sustainability

• 13th Corporate Environmental Management Information Systems (CEMIS) Days (BUIS-Tage 2023)

• Green Coding

• Sustainable Mobility

However, due to the interdisciplinary character of environmental informatics there is a wide range of topics that were already central to previous conferences and will be still in the heart of the EnviroInfo 2023. Examples include:

• Earth Observation and Monitoring

• Environmental Modelling and Simulation

• Applications of Geographical Information Systems

• Environmental Information Systems

• Core and emerging technologies in Environmental Informatics

• Agent-based simulations in Environmental Informatics

• Environmental Informatics in Smart Environments: Smart Homes, Buildings, Cities, Communities, Smart Farming

• Citizen science in Environmental Informatics

• Disaster risk modelling and assessment, disaster response

• Environmental sensors and environmental informatics

• Environmental informatics and the Atmospheric Environment

• Sustainable transportation and energy systems

• Managing and mitigating climate change and extreme events

• Sustainable resource management and circular economy

• Robotics and reinforcement learning in Environmental Informatics

• AI Applications

• Rebound effects of ICT

• Economizing Nature

• Societal aspects of Environmental Informatics

• Environmental Informatics for Developing Countries

Moreover, EnviroInfo 2023 welcomes papers, where ICT technologies or software frameworks are used to reduce the environmental and especially the carbon footprint in their domain and thereby, support the general sustainable digital transformation.

Therefore, one important goal of this year’s conference will be to present an overview of challenges, impediments and moreover approaches on a broad basis across domains to tackle environmental challenges. EnviroInfo 2023 will be organized in Main track and Special Tracks focusing on certain special topics.


As in previous years, there will be two types of publication, Full Research Paper and Short Paper/Work in Progress. Furthermore, a poster submission and a talk only presentation is also possible.

Full Research Papers:

Accepted full papers will be published in the Springer book series “Progress in IS”, Advances in Environmental Informatics. The Scope of Full Paper contributions is 15 +/- 2 pages. These papers will be peer reviews on basis of your summited paper.

Short or Work in Progress papers:

Accepted short or work in progress papers will be published in the Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Proceedings – Series of the Gesellschaft fur Informatik (GI). The Scope of this paper contributions is 8 pages plus/minus 2 pages. These papers will be peer reviews on basis of your summited paper.