Agents of Change: Moral Conversion and Social Transformation



International Virtual Conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Organized by The Franciscan Study Center and The Thomas Institute at Tilburg University

Date: 29th June 2022 - 1 July 2022









This conference aims to chart the multiform phenomenon of moral conversion in Western society by

 * analyzing building blocks, sequences, and variations in ethical instances of profound change of self and identity;

* tracing experiences and events of ethical transformation in various testimonies and fields of human existence; and

* turning the phenomenon of moral conversion into a lens through which to view the dynamics of existential and ethical belief systems.





The conference aims to renew the understanding of the phenomenon by

* studying its impact in the history of Western society; and

* relating it to present discussions on ethical behavior and concern for the common good.





Themes to be addressed may include, but are not limited to:





1. Moral conversion as an ethical / spiritual / psychological / social phenomenon

2. Mendicant conversion: preaching and moral transformation (Francis, Dominic, Bonaventure, Thomas...)

3. Moral conversion: testimonies and theories

4. Modern-day (wicked) problems and moral conversion: leadership, care, sustainability, happiness





Practical Matters





The organizers welcome paper proposals submitted in English. Abstracts should be kept as close to 100 words as possible.

Each paper should last 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion.

Papers will be published in our Moral Conversion conference volume.





Paper proposals must be submitted by 20 October 2021 to





Dr. Dr. K. Pansters:  or

Dr. A. ten Klooster: