Larix International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture

Larix International Conference on Fisheries and Aq

Life Sciences & Earth Sciences (General)

We are excited to present the Larix International Conference on Fisheries and Aquaculture Scheduled on April 24-25, 2024 In Dubai, UAE. This distinguished event will bring Aqua culturists and farming experts to discuss and deliver presentations, which includes topics such as selecting suitable aquatic species, designing and maintaining appropriate farming systems, monitoring water quality, feeding and nutrition management, disease prevention and control, and harvesting and marketing the cultured organisms. Thus understanding of biology, ecology, and the specific requirements of different aquatic species and to stay up-to-date with advancements in aquaculture technology and research in order to improve production efficiency, minimize environmental impacts, and ensure the welfare of the cultured organisms.


LICFA 2024 Awards

These award are presented to motivate individual presenter and participants to strive to realize their fullest potential which could in turn be beneficial to the field as whole. Epic works are not only a testament to the individual’s efforts, but they also have the potential to change the whole world as they can lead to formulation of better policies and or a new mindset. The marks given by the evaluation committee and the Conference Chair will be used to determine the recipients of these awards, and works with the highest marks shall be recommended for the following awards:

  • The Best Oral Presentations Award

  • The Best Student Presentation Award

  • The Best Poster Presentations Award