The 7th International Conference on Optimization and Applications


Mathematical Optimization

International Conference on Optimization and Applications -7th Edition- , May 19-20 2021.


Venue: Wolfenbüttel, Germany

Date: 19-21 May 2021






The 7th Edition of the International Conference on Optimization and Applications (ICOA2021) provides a high-level international forum and an excellent venue for scientists, researchers, academic faculties, students, industry leaders, and others in the fields of optimization to present, discuss and publish their recent research results and approaches. The conference is an opportunity to develop new ideas and collaborations, to be aware of the latest search trends in the optimization techniques and their applications in the various fields. This 7th edition is enriched by very important special sessions that deal with problems using the latest methods of optimization.





Tools and Methods :

• Artificial Intelligence

• Learning Algorithms

• Combinatorial Optimization and Mathematical Programming

• Numerical Methods

• Linear and Non-linear Programming

• Multiobjective Programming

• Parallel and Distributed Computation

• Bio-inspired Computations and Neural Networks

• Fuzzy systems

• Evolutionary Computing

• Metaheuristic Optimization Algorithms

• Hybrid Algorithms

• Dynamic Optimization

• Continuous Optimization


Fields and Areas :

• Electric, Electronic engineering

• Embedded Systems

• Telecommunication Engineering

• Robotic

• Control and Mechatronics

• Physics

• Civil Engineering

• Smart Grids and energy systems

• Smart city and traffic simulation

• Aerospace, Naval and Marine Engineering

• Transportation, Logistic Engineering

• Software and Computer Engineering

• Big data & Security

• Scheduling and Data mining

• Bio mathematics

• Automotive mechatronics

• Aviation



Keynote Speakers


Prof. Dr. Oscar CASTILLO, Tijuana Institute Technology, Mexico


Prof. Dr. Ing. Andrei Victor SANDU, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of IASI, Romania Prof. Dr. Zhoure MADINI, Ibn Tofail University, Morocco



Registration information


The registration for ICOA2021 is open for:

- Students & PhD Students.

- Professors and researchers

- Industrials


You can submit your papers to:


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Deadline for submission: 1st February 2021.