7th International Conference on Education, Economics. Psychology, and Social Science


  • URL: https://iceeps.org/
  • Event Date: 2023-11-23 ~ 2023-11-25
  • Abstract Submission Date: 2023-08-15
  • Submission Date: 2023-08-15
  • Organizer: ICEEPS
  • Location: Kyoto, Japan

Finance Communication Law Social Sciences (General) Globalization

November is a vibrant time for wine-red maple leaves, and HEF has chosen this poetic season to invite you to participate in our 2023 WORLD TALK, WE TALK series of seminars held in Kyoto, Japan. During the conference, we will discuss topics such as climate change, sustainable environment, green living, and clean energy. The seminar will be held in Kyoto from November 23rd to 25th, 2023. We welcome submissions and participation from academia and industry. The 7th ICEEPS focus on global research challenges and solutions in the field of Green Life and Sustainability, we welcome new research findings, ideas, and suggestions from potential researchers and activists.

Call For Papers

Special Session: Green Life and Sustainability

The 7th International Conference on Education, Economics, Psychology, and Social Studies (ICEEPS) invites submissions for a special session on Green Life and Sustainability. The session will provide a platform for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and activists to present their research findings, innovative ideas, and practical solutions related to sustainability and green living.

Topics of interest for this special session include, but are not limited to:

Sustainability in Business & Management

Social Sciences & Humanities

Sustainable Economics & Finance

Green Education & Communication

Global Environmental Studies

Globalization, Politics, and Law

The subfields related to the special session include:

Sustainable development

Green technology

Eco-friendly practices

Environmental policies and regulations

Climate change mitigation and adaptation

Circular economy

Green education and awareness

Sustainable tourism

Renewable energy

Sustainable agriculture

Biodiversity conservation

Corporate social responsibility

Social and cultural aspects of Sustainability

The academic sessions of 7th ICEEPS are as below :

Education Session:

•Education reform and policy•Educational technology and online learning•Language education and intercultural communication•Early childhood education and special education•Higher education and vocational training•Career development and educational psychology

Economics Sessions:

•Global economy and finance•Regional and national economies•Economic growth and development•Trade and international business•Economic theory and policy•Energy and environmental economics

Psychology Sessions:

•Clinical and health psychology•Social psychology and human behavior•Educational psychology and developmental psychology•Neuropsychology and cognitive science•Psychological counseling and therapy•Interdisciplinary psychology research

Social Studies Session:

•Social policy and welfare•Sociological theory and methods•Media and communication studies•Social culture and pluralism•Urban and rural sociology•Immigration and population studies