International Summit on Public Health and Preventive Medicine


Public Health

Public Health, Primary Health Care, Community Mental Health, Global Obesity Control, Infectious Diseases, Risk Factors in Public Health, Morbidity and Mortality, Social Determinants of Health, Public Health Policy, Occupational and Safety Health, Global and Pediatric Health, Geriatric Health, Food Borne Illness & Food Safety Standards, Public Health Nutrition, Environmental HealthHealth Informatics, Public Health Genomics, Mental Health, Health Statistics, Public Health Priorities Post Covid, Public Health Education, Digitization of Healthcare, Telemedicine and Telehealth, Healthcare Supply Chain Management, Health Product Innovations, Health Journalism, Cancer Prevention Research, Vaccines, Infant and Child Health, Metabolic Syndrome, Maternal Health, Family Planning, Epidemiology, Dental Health, Health Economics, Communicable Diseases, Nutrition and Dietetics, Tobacco, Alcohol, and Substance Use, Veterinary Public Health, Adolescent & young Adults Health, Non-Communicable Diseases, Sexual & Reproductive Health, Health Service Management, Health Communication and Health Information Technology, Public Health Toxicology, Pharmaceutical Services, Autoimmune Diseases, HIV/AIDS, Public Health Nursing, Ebola, Monkeypox