Agile Testing Days 2023

AgileTD 2023

Artificial Intelligence Automation & Control Theory Quality & Reliability Leadership

We look forward to receiving your submission(s) for talks, workshops, hands-on sessions, bonus sessions, combo sessions (talk plus workshop) and social activities.

Topics of Interest:

Machine Learning

Ethics in Tech

Chaos Engineering

API Testing

Test Automation

Conscious Leadership

Mobile Testing

Sustainability in Tech

Agile Testing in Remote Teams

Coding for Testers, Coding workshops/ live Coding Sessions

Collaboration Approaches like Pairing & Ensemble Programming

Observability & Operability

Accessibility, Usability & UX Testing

Testing Pipeline of Microservices

Agile Scale & Cloud-Based Testing

DevOps & DevSecOps

How to Test AI (Self-Driving Cars, etc.)

Mental Health, Self Care & Mindfulness

Human-Centred Approaches

Security Testing

What is the tester's Role when Everything is Automated

Test Documentation, Test Case Management, Strategies & Tools

Coaching, Mentoring, Personal Development

Embedded Software or AI Combined with Agile Experiences

Quality Metrics