2020 International Conference on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies (iCareTech)

iCareTech 2020

  • URL: https://www.icare-tech.net/
  • Event Date: 2020-08-28 ~ 2020-08-29
  • Abstract Submission Date: 2020-06-26
  • Submission Date: 2020-08-01
  • Organizer: Al Azhar University - Gaza, Palestine
  • Location: Gaza, Palestine

Artificial Intelligence Human Computer Interaction Mechanical Engineering Medical Informatics Remote Sensing Robotics Biomedical Technology Biotechnology Developmental Disabilities Rehabilitation Therapy

iCareTech 2020

The International Conference on Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies 2020 (iCareTech 2020) is organized by the i-CARE project consortium. iCareTech 2020 brings together researchers, academics, biomedical and clinical engineers, global experts, politicians and decision makers, representatives of the medical technology industry and all those involved with the wide variety of engineering and health technologies that are shaping the way rehabilitation service is being delivered today and in the future. iCareTech 2020 gathers researchers and practitioners from academia, service providers and industry to discuss the latest innovations and inceptive ideas and best practices in the field of Rehabilitation Technologies in its broadest sense. We invite contributions on a wide spectrum of fields related to Rehabilitation and Disability Technologies down the value chain: Research, Design and Development, Production and Distribution, Service Delivery, Education, Training, Use, Impact, and Policy Making.

Important Update due to COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Due to COVID-19 crisis, the submission deadlines of iCareTech2020 have been EXTENDED, see new date below.

  • Participation in iCareTech2020 is now possible via video-conferencing technologies or pre-recorded presentation videos.

  • Contact us for more details on: info@icare-tech.net.

General Topics/Subjects

Assistive Technologies, Rehabilitation Technologies, Rehabilitation Assessment Technologies, Rehabilitation Technologies in Practice


The conference will be held in: Al Riyadh Building, Al Mughraqah Campus, Al Azhar University - Gaza, Palestine

Important Dates

  • Abstracts Submission - EXTENDED: June 26, 2020

  • Full Draft Paper Submission - EXTENDED: June 26, 2020

  • Author Decision Notification: July 15, 2020

  • Camera Ready Paper Submission: August 01, 2020

  • Early Bird Registration: August 01, 2020

  • Conference Dates: August 28-29, 2020


  • iCareTech 2020 is technically sponsored by IEEE - Palestine Subsection.

  • The proceedings will be a reference material and will be published with papers’ contents.

  • The accepted full papers will be included in the conference proceedings that will be submitted for inclusion in the IEEE Digital Xplore® Library.

  • iCareTech 2020 Conference is APPROVED by IEEE for proceedings publication on IEEE Digital Xplore® Libraryhttps://www.ieee.org/conferences/organizers/conf-app.html?confRecNum=49914

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For more information visit the official conference website: www.icare-tech.net

In the Conference

  • Keynote speeches by global pioneers and researchers in Rehabilitation Technologies

  • Scientific sessions, round tables, open discussions

  • International Rehabilitation Technology challenge

  • Research paper contest

  • Student paper contest

  • Student projects exhibition and contest

  • Student poster sessions and contest

  • Expo area with new technologies and solutions

  • and much more …

Who Should Attend

  • Rehabilitation Engineers

  • Assistive Technologists

  • Therapists - OT, PT, SLP

  • Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals/Counselors

  • Rehabilitation devices Suppliers / Manufacturers

  • Researchers

  • Educators

  • Consumers

  • Rehabilitation Organization Directors

  • Students

Conference Partners and Collaborators


Al Azhar University - Gaza (AUG), Palestine




Submission Guidelines

  • English will be the official language of the conference.

  • All full paper submissions will be peer reviewed, the accepted ones will be published in the iCareTech 2020 conference CD proceedings.

  • The accepted papers will also be published in the IEEE Digital Xplore® Library.

EasyChair Registration

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  • Create an account at EasyChair.

  • Upload your paper(s) or abstract paper(s) through EasyChair.

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Paper Formatting

  • Your final paper must be formatted to IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscript Formatting Guidelines.

  • It is highly recommended that you proofread and check the layout of your paper BEFORE submitting it to PDF eXpress™. (link will be given in due time).

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Registration fee includes the IEEE Digital Xplore® Library publication of one full paper, an official conference bag that contains all accepted submissions on a USB drive, admission to all sessions, coffee‑breaks, lunch and gala dinner. Papers will be presented orally by either attending the conference personally or remotely.

Conference Fees

  • US$ 200 for international author participants.

  • US$ 150 for local author participants.

  • US$ 50 for accompanying persons or non-author participant (includes official conference bag, welcome party, lunches and gala dinner).

Please take into account that fee payment before August 1st 2020 is mandatory for the publication of your paper in IEEE Digital Xplore® Library.


Regular Papers: 6 pages, including all figures, tables, and references.


  • Regular Papers: Up to 1 extra pages may be purchased at $100 (US dollars) per extra page.

  • NOTE: For information regarding extra page payment, please contact us.

Proceedings and Publication

  • iCareTech 2020 is technically sponsored by IEEE - Palestine Subsection.

  • The proceedings will be a reference material and will be published with papers’ contents.

  • The accepted full papers will be included in the conference proceedings that will be submitted for inclusion in the IEEE Digital Xplore® Library.

List of Topics

Rehabilitation Technologies

  • Technologies for Disabled People Personal and Remote Care

  • Developmenet of Medical and Healthcare Instruments/Solutions in General

  • Decelopment of Software for Medical and Healthcare Purposes in General

  • Neurorehabilitation Technologies

  • troke Rehabilitation Technologies

  • Visual and Audio Rehabilitation Technologies

  • Disability Prevention Technologies

  • Rehabilitation Robotics

  • Bio-Feedback, Neuromodulation, and Closed-Loop Systems

  • Bio-Inspired and Neuromorphic Circuits and Systems

  • Bio-Sensor and Environmental Sensor Devices and Interface Circuits

  • Bio-Telemetry and Energy Harvesting/Scavenging Circuits and Systems

  • Bio-Sensor Network for Neuroscience

  • Bio-Signal Recording and Processing

  • Development of Rehabilitation Devices

  • Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

  • Technology for Cognition and Sensory Impairments

  • Brain Computer Interface

  • Virtual Reality Systems

  • Augmented Reality Systems

  • Mixed Reality Systems

  • Tools for Real-Time Patient Monitoring

  • Environmental Control

  • Microphysiological Systems, Lab-on-Chip and Bio-MEMS

  • Human-Machine Interfaces

  • Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing

  • Computer Applications and Telecommunications

  • Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning Applications

  • Data Integration and Predictive Analytics

Assistive Technologies

  • Assistive Tools

  • Assistive Software Solutions

  • Assistive Robotics

  • Exoskeletons

  • Prostheses and Orthoses Technologies

  • Advanced Prosthetics

  • Wearable Devices and Health Monitoring Electronics

  • Wireless Health Monitoring Technologies

  • Implantable Medical Electronics

  • Seating and Wheelchair Technologies

  • Mobility Aids and Technologies

  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication

  • Technologies for In-Patient or Home Care

  • Computer, Mobile Devices and Web Access

Rehabilitation Assessment Technologies

  • Outcomes and Quantitative Measurements

  • Measuring Responses to Treatment

  • Physical Training Assessment

  • Cognitive Training Assessment

Case Studies and Rehabilitation Technology Evaluation

  • Stroke, Cerebral Palsy, and Dementia

  • Spinal Cord Injury

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Musculoskeletal Injury

  • Amputation

  • Respiratory Issues

  • Gait and Balance

  • Motor Function

  • Geriatric and Paediatric

  • Blind and Low Vision

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Rehabilitation Technologies in Practice

  • Emerging Related Technologies and Applications after COVID-19

  • Emergency, Quarantine and Evacuation Protocols for Disabled People

  • Case-studies dealing with Disability and Rehabilitation Practice during COVID-19 quarantine

  • Quality of Life Technologies

  • Design and Adaptation of Housing and Smart Environments

  • Point-of-Care Technologies for Healthcare

  • Medical Equipment Management in Hospitals

  • Design of Rehabilitation Service Facilities

  • Medical Information Systems and Bioinformatics

  • Health Operations/Project Management

  • Clinical Risk Management, Safety, Emergency Preparedness

  • Job Accommodations, Accessibility and Ergonomics

  • Design and Adaptation of Work Environments

  • Rehabilitation Technologies Education and Curricula

  • International Standards and Regulations

  • Rehabilitation Technologies in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

  • Rehabilitation Global Challenges and Sustainable Development

  • Ethics and Morality in Rehabilitation Technologies

  • Public Policy and Advocacy


All questions about submissions should be emailed to: info@icare-tech.net