2021 OkIP International Conference on Advances in Information Security and Assurance (AISA)

AISA 2021

Computer Security & Cryptography

[Apologies if you receive multiple copies, we fell behind our schedule in making this Call for Papers months earlier due to difficulties in securing a location that provides ample space for social distancing.]


--- 1st Call for Abstracts and Papers -------------

2021 OkIP International Conference on Advances in Information Security and Assurance (AISA)

MNTC Conference Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA & Online

November 15-18, 2021


Oklahoma International Publishing (OkIP) is pleased to host the 1st annual International Conference on Advances in Information Security and Assurance (AISA). The conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds to emphasize the dissemination of ongoing research and development in the field. Proposals are solicited describing original works in fields below and related technologies. 

AISA will include a peer-reviewed program of technical, industrial, and poster sessions. Accepted and presented full papers from the tracks below will be published by OkIP and submitted for indexation in major abstract and citation databases of peer-reviewed literature. Extended versions of best papers will be considered for the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Information Technology Research ISSN 1553-653X.

>> IS Modeling and Design

- Information Security (IS) Architecture Design

- IS Authentication and Privacy Control

- IS Frameworks and Protocols

- IS Architecture Design and Testing

- Data Breach Protection

- Information Systems Security

- Information Analytical Models

- IS Modeling and Analysis

- Critical Information Management

- IS Performance, Requirements, and Issues

- Security Information Sharing

>> AI in Security

- AI/ Machine Learning for Security

- Cryptographic Checksuns and Algorithms

- Risk and Reputation Management

- Malware Detection and Response

- Vulnerability Analysis and Countermeasures

- Intrusion Detection and Anomaly Recovery

- Information/Temporal Access Controls

- Vulnerability Detection

- Improved Authentication Process

- Information Hiding and Anonymity

- Behavioral Biometrics

- Security Situational Awareness

>> Security and Distributed Systems

- Edge Computing Security

- Trusted Computing | Crowdsourcing

- Cyber-physical Systems Security

- Distributed Systems Security

- Embedded Systems Security

- IS Virtualization and Data Center Network

- Secure Internet Connectivity

- Cloud Security and Adoption Risks

- Physical-layer Security

>> Wireless and Digital Forensics

- Trust Authority Distribution

- Wireless Network Information Assurance (IA)

- Bluetooth Information Assurance

- Radio Frequency Fingerprints

- Intelligent Forensic Systems

- Honeypot Deception and Forensics

- Steganography Techniques

- Cyber-Attack Thwarting

- Crime Data Mining

- Anti-Spam Filtering Techniques

- Untrusted Hardware Testing

- Privacy Preservation and Protection

- Intelligent and Secure Autofill Systems

>> IA and Information Warfare

- Secure Passport System

- Insider Threat Prediction

- Key Management and Recovery

- Critical Infrastructure Protection

- Threat Awareness Analysis

- Traffic Flow Confidentiality

- Intellectual Property Protection

- Cyber-Attack and Cyber-Terrorism

- Tamper Detection and Prevention

- Physical Security and Soldier Security

- Electromagnetic Bomb and Electronic Attack

- Tactical Communication and Network Security

>> IS & IA Applications

- Electronic Voting System

- Signature Verification

- Parental Control Systems

- Biometric Protection

- Watermarking Techniques

- Secure Diagnostic

- Mobile Security | Database Security

- Intelligent and Secure Autofill System

- Energy Harvesting Security

- IS & IA Awareness and Education

- Green Communications Security

- Power Information System Security

- Corporations and Businesses Protection

- Internet of Things Security

- Software Security Assurance

>> IS & IA Policy and Legal Issues

- IS & IA Policy Approaches

- IS & IA Enforcement Models

- Cybersecurity Legal

- Regulatory Issues

- Digital Rights Management

- Ethics, Identity and Trust Management

- Steganography Legal Issues

>> Technical Research & Industry Contribution

- Full Paper: Accomplished research results (6 pages)

- Short Paper: Work in progress/fresh developments (3 pages)

- Poster/Journal First: Displayed/Oral presented (1 page)

>> Corporate Showcase & Exhibition

- Booth: Display product and/or service offerings (1 page)

- Oral: Present product and/or service offerings (1 page)

>> Student Poster & Career Fair

- Graduate & Doctoral: Peer-reviewed Poster (1 page)

- Undergraduate/High School: Selected Poster (1 page)

- Recruiter Booth: Product/Service & Job offerings (1 page)

>> Workshop, Tutorial, Forum & Panel

- Workshop, Tutorial & Tour: Proposal (1 page)

- Executive Forum, Panel & Talk: Proposal (1 page)

>> Important Dates:

- Submission: Aug 31, 2021

- Notification: Sep 26, 2021

- Conference: Nov 15-18, 2021

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Pierre Tiako

2021 OkIP AISA General Chair