2024 ICBASS The 9th International Conference on Business and Social Science


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The 9th International Conference on Business and Social Science

Navigating Change: Adapting Business and Society to Global Transformations

Welcome to the International Conference on Business and Social Science, where we gather to delve into the intricate dynamics of "Navigating Change: Adapting Business and Society to Global Transformations."

In an era of rapid technological advancements, economic shifts, and evolving cultural landscapes, this conference serves as a platform for thought leaders, academics, and practitioners to explore the multifaceted dimensions of change that impact both businesses and societal structures. As we navigate this transformative journey, our collective goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities that arise, paving the way for innovative strategies that adapt to, and thrive amidst, global transformations.


For any questions and inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact the ICBASS Secretariat by email: icbass@icbass.org


Call for Papers

Full paper and abstract both are welcomed to submit. Topics are listed but not restricted to the followings:


●Communication Management●Journalism●Advertising●Radio●Television●Film●Language and Communication●Information Communication●Communication Arts●Education Communications and Technology●Publishing


●Linguistics●History and Geography●Human Geography●Literature and Poetry●Philosophy●Anthropology●Music and Art●Regional Studies●Religious studies●Museums & heritage


●International Economics●International Finance●Macroeconomics●Banking and Financial Markets●Econometric Models and Applications●Public Economics and Public Policy●Population, Demography and Fertility●Energy, Environment and Resources●Transport Economics●Behavioral and Experimental Economics●China, India and other Emerging Economies●Singapore and other ASEAN Economies●Asian Economies●Economics of Social Issue●Microeconomics●Economic History and Economic Thought●Economics of Technology●Economics of Information●Economics of Policy and Governance●Emerging Economies and Transition


●E-learning●Special Education●Higher Education●Rehabilitation Counseling●Language Education (ESL/TESL)●Human Resource Development and Leadership●Elementary Education●Rural Education●Early Childhood Education Curriculum, Research and Development●Education Policy●Educational Measurement and Evaluation


●Banking●Investment●Accounting●Finance Engineering●Portfolio●Emerge●Stock Market●Insurance●Finance Management●Risk Management


●Civil Law●Criminal Law●Public Law●Economic and Financial Law●Labor and Social Law●International Human Right Law●Legal History●Conflict of Laws●Copy Right Law●Climate Change Law

Business & Management

●Business Administration●International Enterprise●Human resources●Logistics and Supply Chain●Organizational Behavior●Information Management●Electronic Commerce●Industry Innovation●Corporate Governance●Management Innovation●Hospitality and Tourism Management


●Political Science●Public Administration and Policy●International Affairs and Strategic Studies●Governmental Systems & Practices●Politics and Ethics●International Relations●Political Economy●Regional Studies●Reforming and Consolidated●History of Western Political Thought●Western Constitutional Thought


●Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioral Sciences●Social Learning and Systems Approaches to Marriage and the Family●Anxiety and Depression in Children and Adults●Prevention and Early Intervention: Child Disorders, Substance Abuse, and Delinquency●Advances in Clinical Behavior Therapy●Aggression and Violence throughout the Lifespan●Educational and Psychological Sciences●Child Abuse: New Directions in Prevention and Treatment across the Lifespan●Ideal Mental Health Services●Childhood Disorders: Behavioral-Developmental Approaches●Suicide: Prediction, Prevention and Intervention●Cognitive task analysis