CELE 2022: International Conference on Education, Literature, and Ethics

CELE 2022

African Studies & History Feminism & Women's Studies Foreign Language Learning American Literature & Studies Literature & Writing Philosophy English Language & Literature Education Ethics E-learning

International Conference on Education, Literature, and Ethics – University of Porto 

September 8th and 9th - Online

Call for Papers (until July 30th)


Submission Guidelines

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.

The liberating and subjective dimension of literature is often overlooked by the pedagogical potential of its use in education for values. This meeting aims to bring together researchers, authors, and teachers around the major issues arisen by this intersection. What strategies do we use with students of different ages? And why do we use them? What happens to literature when it enters the classroom? What happens to the classroom when it hosts a literary text? How do ethics and literature coexist in the hands of teachers and students?

Abstract between 200 to 300 words + 3 keywords + Biographical note of the author(s) between 100 to 150 words

Languages accepted: English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish


List of Topics

  • a) Ethics and Children's Literature in Education

  • b) Ethics and Literature in Youth Education

  • c) Ethics and Literature in an educational context for adults

  • d) Education and Literature - theoretical aspects


Organizing committee

  • Isabel Margarida Duarte (FLUP)

  • Sofia de Melo Araújo (FLUP/ESE-IPP)

  • Sónia Valente Rodrigues (FLUP)

  • Ângela Carvalho (FLUP)