2021 International Conference on Software Engineering Research & Development (SERD)

SERD 2021

Computing Systems Engineering & Computer Science (General)

[Apologies if you receive multiple copies, we fell behind our schedule in making this Call for Papers months earlier due to difficulties in securing a location that provides ample space for social distancing.]


--- 1st Call for Abstracts and Papers -------------

2021 International Conference on Software Engineering Research & Development (SERD)

MNTC Conference Center, Oklahoma City, OK, USA & Online

November 15-18, 2021


Oklahoma International Publishing (OKIP) is pleased to host the 1st International Conference on Software Engineering Research & Development (SERD). The conference aims to bring together scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds to emphasize the dissemination of ongoing research and development in the field. Proposals are solicited describing original works in fields below and related technologies. 

SERD will include a peer-reviewed program of technical, industrial, and poster sessions. Accepted and presented full papers from the tracks below will be published by OkIP and submitted for indexation in major abstract and citation databases of peer-reviewed literature. Extended versions of best papers will be considered for the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Information Technology Research ISSN 1553-653X.

>> General and Social Aspects of SE

- Program Analysis, Synthesis, and Repair

- Programming Languages and Compilers

- Specification and Modeling Languages

- Tutoring, Documentation Systems

- Software Engineering Standards and Guidelines

- Software Economics and Metrics

- Empirical Software Engineering

- Green and Sustainable SE

- Theoretic Approaches of SE

- Domain Modeling and Meta-modeling

- Aerospace Software and System Engineering

- Architectural Analysis and Verif. Methods

- Enterprise Software, Middleware, and Tools

- Quality Oriented Software Architecture

- Reverse and Architectural Recovery Methods

- Domain-Specific Software Engineering

- Software Project Management Issues

- Measurement and Empirical SE

>> Software Design, Testing, Evolution, and Maintenance

- Software Design and Design Patterns

- Software Evolution and Maintenance

- Software Modeling and Design

- Software Development(SD) | Process Modeling

- Formal Methods in SE | Software Product Lines

- Software Engineering Methodologies

- Software Reuse and Reverse engineering

- Configuration Management and Deployment

- Crowdsourcing Software Engineering

- Model-Based Software Engineering

- Software Testing and Fault localization

- Agile Software Engineering and Development

- Validation and Verification

- Requirement Engineering and Processes

- Software Testing | Software Metrics

- Evaluation and Analysis Technologies

- Object-Oriented Design and Analysis


>> Service Orientation and Human Interactions

- Service-Oriented Software Architectures

- Service-Oriented Requirements Engineering

- Middleware for Service-Based Systems

- Service Discovery and Composition

- Software services | Software visualization

- Human-Computer Interaction

- Usability Engineering | Gamification

- Multimedia in Software Engineering

- End-user software engineering

- Human and social aspects of SE

>> AI, Web-Based Environments and Adaptive Systems

- Multi-Agent Systems | Mobile Agents

- AI approaches to SE

- Agent Architectures & Ontologies

- Languages and Protocols

- Intelligent CASE Tools and Issues

- Mining Software Engineering Repositories

- E-Commerce Solutions and Applications

- Mobile Commerce Tech. and Applications

- Web, Text Mining, and Semantic Web

- Autonomic Computing and Adaptive Systems

- Automated Software Engineering

- Automated Software Design and Synthesis

- Mobile applications

- Search-based Software Engineering

>> Emerging SE Technologies and Dependability

- Case Studies and Emerging Technologies

- Novel Software Tools and Environments

- Pervasive SE and Mission Critical Systems

- Trust, Reliability, and Survivable Systems

- Software Assurance and Dependability

- Software Reliability and Security Methods

- Engineering of Safety

>> Distribution, Componentization, and Collaboration

- Component-Based Software Engineering

- Critical and Embedded Software Design

- Distributed and Parallel Systems

- Real-time Embedded Software Engineering

- Cloud Computing | Distributed SE

- Distributed and collaborative SE

- Workflow Management | Team-Based SD

- Computer Supported Cooperative Work

- Middleware, Frameworks, and APIs

- Parallel, Distributed, and Concurrent Systems

- Aspect-Oriented Software Engineering

>> Technical Research & Industry Contribution

- Full Paper: Accomplished research results (6 pages)

- Short Paper: Work in progress/fresh developments (3 pages)

- Poster/Journal First: Displayed/Oral presented (1 page)

>> Corporate Showcase & Exhibition

- Booth: Display product and/or service offerings (1 page)

- Oral: Present product and/or service offerings (1 page)

>> Student Poster & Career Fair

- Graduate & Doctoral: Peer-reviewed Poster (1 page)

- Undergraduate/High School: Selected Poster (1 page)

- Recruiter Booth: Product/Service & Job offerings (1 page)

>> Workshop, Tutorial, Forum & Panel

- Workshop, Tutorial & Tour: Proposal (1 page)

- Executive Forum, Panel & Talk: Proposal (1 page)

>> Important Dates:

- Submission: Aug 31, 2021

- Notification: Sep 26, 2021

- Conference: Nov 15-18, 2021

>> Technical Program Committee


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>> Co-located Conferences and Events


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Pierre F. Tiako

2021 SERD General Chair