Sixth International Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Electronic and Mobile Business

IWEMB 2022

Business, Economics & Management (General)

E- and M-Business is a highly innovative field, which is exposed to constant development and change. The International Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Electronic and Mobile Business was launched as an initiative for researchers to discuss upcoming trends and current challenges within research and the resulting managerial implications from different perspectives. We welcome both conducted studies and work in progress. We are expecting 15-20 papers presented at the workshop.
All submissions should have a clear focus on electronic or mobile business. The focus should be reflected in the title of the submission. Submissions without a relevance on electronic and mobile business will not be considered for review.
Electronic and Mobile Business Model Innovation
Chatbot systems and applications
Location-based services and applications
Beacon infrastructures and solutions
Smart systems and IoT applications
Customer and User behavior in Electronic and Mobile Business
User preferences and technology acceptance
Tools and platforms for usage analytics
Cultural differences in user behavior
Big data and advanced targeting
Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Electronic and Mobile Businesses
Entrepreneurship finance and controlling
Organizational culture and social entrepreneurship
Teamwork and project management issues
Lean management, startup and analytics
Commercialization of new Electronic and Mobile Business Concepts
Innovative advertising revenue models
Crowdfunding strategies and impact
New payment and banking solutions
Sustainablilty of advanced revenue models
User-centered and Lean Startup Methods in Electronic and Mobile Business
User centered design of applications and solutions
Innovative prototyping tools and technologies
Measurement and impact of user experience
Application and Impact of lean startup methodologies
Impact of Electronic and Mobile Business on Existing Market Structures
Impact on existing market structures
Sustainability of new business models
Surveys on organisational structures
Regulatory frameworks and intervention