2024 International Joint Conference : 4th International Conference of Hyojeong Academia


Business, Economics & Management (General) Chemical & Material Sciences (General) Engineering & Computer Science (General) Health & Medical Sciences (General) Humanities, Literature & Arts (General) Life Sciences & Earth Sciences (General) Physics & Mathematics (General) Social Sciences (General) Interdisciplinary Studies (General) Convergence

We invite all areas of research toward the world of Co-Existence, Co-Prosperity, and Co-Righteousness.

In particular, research conducted in God centered perspectives and research in an effort to unify religion and science are highly welcome.

The following are the topics that have been invited in the previous ICHJA, and that we hope to invite in our conference:

  • Studies on Religion Theology

  • Regional studies Social movement

  • Physical science Bioscience

  • Earth, Environment Planetary Sciences

  • Innovation Restoration Science and Engineering

  • Future automobile system

  • Health science Spiritual healing

  • Medical science Medical Care

  • Alternative medical science Meditation

  • Unifying Religion and Science

  • International Relations

  • Social Sciences

  • Humanities, Literature & Arts

  • Business, Economics & Management

Please note that the topics of the joint conference may include the ones above, but they are in no way limited to such ones.

New field of research on the topic we've introduced above are more than welcome to contribute!

If you have any inquiries, please contact us at hyojeongacademia@gmail.com.

If you want to further investigate our conference and journal, please visit www.ichja.org / www.jhja.org