DSM 2022

Data Mining & Analysis Engineering & Computer Science (General)


October 3 - 7, 2022

Kastelli Resort, Kamari Village, Santorini, Greece

*** Preliminary Call for Participation ***


Massive amounts of Spatio-temporal data representing trajectories of moving objects are produced by an ever-increasing number of diverse, real-life applications, ranging from mobile to social media apps and surveillance systems, from vehicle tracking systems to IoT mobile sensors. Such mobility-aware traces come in huge numbers and very complex forms and can be enriched with multiple different semantic dimensions. These semantically enriched trajectories have the potential to unveil novel challenges in several domains, such as urban, maritime and aviation.

The explosion in Data Science is happening now. The Big Data technological infrastructure has reached maturity. Significant interest from the research community is being shown towards the Big Data Value Analytics reference model: data management, data processing, data analytics, data visualization. The time is right for the field of Mobility Data Science to follow the trend!

Our First Summer School on Data Science for Mobility offers participants both visionary keynote speeches and hands-on mini-courses held by leading experts in AI and Data Analytics for Mobility from Canada, Greece & Italy. The keynote speeches will explore the challenges faced due to the voluminous and complex mobility data generated every day in maritime and aviation domains. The hands-on mini-courses complement the keynotes by giving practical experience in the usage of analysis tools on real mobility datasets.


This Summer School is intended for Ph.D. students, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of Computer and Information Science, interested in learning about the most recent developments in mobility data science. Attendees will familiarise themselves with the most recent data science trends, including deep learning and AI methods for mobility data, methods to analyze human mobility as well as methods for big mobility data. With the hands-on experience, participants will gain familiarity with some commonly used tools and datasets.


At the end of the course, each attendee will:

** Understand how to analyze mobility data with deep learning techniques

** Understand how machine learning and AI methods can be tailored to mobility data

** Understand how to manage Big Mobility Data

** Gain significant hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technologies and tools

** Have a vision of open research as well as technological challenges customized to key application areas and domains

The school includes two invited talks by Prof. Stan Matwin (Dalhousie University (Canada) and  Prof. George Vouros, University of Piraeus (Greece).

We will also provide three hands-on mini-courses on Deep Learning for Mobility, Human mobility analysis and simulation in Python and Big Mobility Data Analytics

A panel on  Emerging issues in mobility data science will conclude the event.

Details are available and continuously updated on the school website:


Registration fee is 300 euros.  

Registration deadline is August 31, 2022.

Details on the registration procedure, deadlines, and the school schedule are available at the school website:


The Summer School will be held at the Kastelli Resort on the magic island of Santorini, in Greece.


The Summer School has NOT reserved rooms for the school. All the participants are warmly invited to reserve their accommodation on their own as soon as possible.

*** Kastelli Resort, the venue of the Summer School, is a peaceful luxury retreat that combines an idyllic and convenient location, with upscale accommodation, state-of-the-art facilities, and impeccable services.

*** Dioskouri Art Villas is a 3* boutique hotel situated in a central and quiet area of the village Kamari in Santorini, near Kamari Beach. The hotel is a two-minute walk from the venue of the summer school.

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The Data Science for Mobility school offers a rich social program, including a Welcome cocktail with dinner, the trip to Oia to admire the famous Santorini sunset, and a wine tasting experience with the Caldera view. All details are available at:


Nikos Pelekis, University of Piraeus (Greece)

Chiara Renso, ISTI-CNR (Italy)


This Summer School is supported and organized by H2020 MSCA project MASTER GA 777695


For further information: master-summer-chairs AT