Spring Seminar 2021 · Spectrology, Haunting and Ghosts

Spring Seminar 2021

Ethnic & Cultural Studies Film Humanities, Literature & Arts (General) Visual Arts Crafts, Design & Arts Communication Drama & Theater Arts

Spring Seminar 2021 · Spectrology, Haunting and Ghosts

6-7 MAY 2021

Call for Papers: 21 FEB 2021

Acceptance note: March 1st 2021

Organizing Committee

Daniel Ribas

Nuno Crespo


Keynote Speakers and Artist Talks

Isabel Capeloa Gil

João Pedro Rodrigues

José Bértolo

Margarida Medeiros

Noé Sendas

Ulrich Baer


Some artworks, from cinema to visual arts and photography, have absorbed phenomena like ghosts, zombies, illness, death, spectra, apparitions, and other kind of “in-between” states of being. This kind of liminality is a way of bringing forward in our historical present its profound ambiguity. 


Images are ontologically problematic in their approach to reality. They are always a representation of a time and a space, and their manipulation puts into question their indexicality.


This liminality of ghosts, spectra and apparitions is also a way of analyzing the complexity of our historical present, in both its linearity and a cross-over of past, present and future. Therefore, these “in-between” states discuss issues of the traumatic past, as are empowerments to change the future. That is, the traumatic past haunts the historical present demanding new ways of knowing the world and history that will transform power structures.


This seminar aims to map and discuss contemporary manifestations in art & cinema of these phenomena.

Papers discussing the following topics will be accepted:


  • Critical theory on spectrology, haunting and ghosts

  • Cinema and visual arts that incorporate or relate to ghosts, zombies or dead people

  • Spaces of liminality in cinema and contemporary art

  • Artworks that use spectrology, haunting and ghosts as means to speak trauma

  • Alternative uses of narrative dealing with these “in-between” states

  • How certain images haunt the historical present


Guidelines for submissions:

  • The proposals should be comprised of an abstract (about 300 words), a biographical note (about 100 words), 4-6 keywords and contact and affiliation information of the author(s);

  • The proposals should be sent in a single word document (.doc or .docx);

  • All submissions should be sent to springseminar.arts@porto.ucp.pt.


The evaluation of the proposals will follow a double-blinded peer-review process. 

More information here.