The 5th ISBENS International Symposium on Engineering and Technology Innovation


Data Mining & Analysis Artificial Intelligence Engineering & Computer Science (General) Power Engineering Robotics Civil Engineering Biomedical Technology Sustainable Energy Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Biotechnology

Within this symposium, participants will engage in a vibrant exchange of ideas, unveiling the potential of AI and machine learning across diverse domains. From ethical considerations and healthcare innovations to the integration of AI in smart cities and Industry 4.0, the symposium encapsulates the profound impact of intelligent systems. As we navigate this technological landscape, the symposium not only seeks to unravel the  complexities of AI but also aims to chart a collaborative course that shapes the future of engineering and technology innovation in a world increasingly shaped by artificial intelligence.


Special Session: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning

Big Data Analysis / Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Privacy / Third-Party Data Sharing / Digital Regulations/ Data Privacy / Biometric Identification Technology/ Cyber Attacks and Data Leaks / Privacy Education and Awareness / Machine Learning / AI Learning / AI Usage / Social Media / Cross-Border Data Transfer / Personal Information Protection / Social Media Marketing & Advertising