International Conference of Digital Pedagogy

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As long foreseen, digital technologies are bringing significant changes in education. Two recent extraordinary events have brought a new perspective on the potential of new technologies, accelerating the education practices, the thinking about the necessary innovation, also bringing more pressure from society, beneficiaries, education decision makers – the pandemics and the expansion of artificial intelligence.

Pushed forward by concrete experiences, immediate needs and higher expectations, the digital pedagogy brings a fresh new vision of how to teach and learn, but also of what is taught. The content of learning and the teaching approaches are reshaping to overcome challenges, to avoid obsolescence, to embrace opportunities. The abundance of possibilities is both a chance to use multiple and enhanced elements in the education process, as well as a potential obstacle in focusing on relevant learning results and the efficient use of time – conventional pedagogical strategies and established algorithms must incorporate new aspects regarding the selection of relevant and scientifically validated contents, the reinterpretation of the expected learning outcomes, the transposition of work tasks in collaborative (remote) work contexts, ensuring access, techniques to motivate and involve all team members in learning activities, strategies to encourage independent learning, elements of digital security and student safety in the online environment.

But, eventually, is it about significant, novel, disruptive changes in teaching and learning experiences, in the vision of the role of universities and graduates, in the pedagogy and in the philosophy of training?


The theme of the 2024 International Conference of Digital Pedagogy is

”Digital Pedagogy in Higher Education”.

The event aims to outline the possible directions to be considered by HE institutions regarding the digitization of the curriculum, institutional development, and the development of teaching staff.