11th International Conference on Innovation in Medicine & Healthcare

InMed 2023

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Call for Papers - InMed 2023

InMed 2023: 11th International Conference on Innovation in Medicine & Healthcare

14-16 June, 2023 | Rome, Italy


Part of KES multi-themed hybrid conference Smart Digital Futures which groups AMSTA-23, IDT-23, HCIS-23, InMed-23, SEEL-23 and STS-23 in one venue



The KES International Conference on Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare (KES-InMed-23) will gather a multi-disciplinary group consisting of researchers and engineers, managers, students and practitioners from the medical arena, to discuss the ways that innovation, knowledge exchange and enterprise can be applied to issues relating to medicine, surgery, healthcare and the issues of an ageing population.

A central theme of the conference will be Smart Medical and Healthcare Systems which will cover the ways in which modern intelligent systems contribute to the solution of problems faced by healthcare and medical practitioners today, addressing the application of these systems through all of the strands of the event.


Innovation in Medicine & Healthcare is a conference covering innovative approaches to meeting the needs of both practitioners and patients internationally. Papers are invited from both the medical profession and from whose supporting them.

Topics (although this list is not intended to be exhaustive) might include: -

  • Smart medical devices & systems

  • Innovation in Regenerative Medicine

  • Gene Therapy

  • Sensors

  • Medical Diagnostics and Biomarkers

  • Service Delivery

  • Technology Enabled Healthcare Services

  • Advanced Medical Materials Technology

  • Telehealth

  • Reglatory frameworks for new technology

  • Computer-aided diagnosis

  • Computer-assisted surgery

  • Biomedical modeling and simulation

  • Macine learning and deep learning in medicine and healthcare

  • Medical internet of things

  • Big data in healthcare

Workshop on Smart Medical Systems

We are pleased to announce the Smart Medical and Healthcare Systems workshop to take place within the Innovation in Medicine and Healthcare Conference.

The aim of the workshop is to gather a mulit-disciplinary group of experts and interested non-experts consisting of smart systems researchers and engineers, practitioners from the medical arena, managers and students to discuss the ways that intelligent systems and smart technology can be applied to issues relating to medicine, surgery and health care.

Contributions are sought on a wide range of applicable topics including the following:-

  • Clinical Decision Support Systems

  • Electronic Health Records and other Hospital Information Systems

  • Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

  • mHealth and Telemedicine Systems

  • Personal Health Coaches

  • Digital Patient Modelling and Cohort Analysis

  • Data Mining, Machine learning, Deep Learning and Predictive Modelling

  • Visual and Predictive Analytics

  • Disease Characterization and Multi-scale Modelling

  • Cognitive Radiology

  • Imaging and Genetics Biomarker Discovery

  • Data Analysis and Decision Support for Personalized Medicine

  • Decision Support and Data Analysis for Biomedical Research and Clinical Trials

Call for Invited Sessions

An invited session consists of a presentation session of 6 to 12 or more papers on a specific conference topic, organised as half or full day mini-conference. We invite senior scientists who have a special interest in a specific conference topic to take responsibility for an invited session, gathering papers from a range of research expertise around the world.

Researchers who would like to organise one or more Invited Sessions on topics falling within the scope of the conference are invited to submit a proposal for consideration.

Our Destination

SDF-23 will be held at the Barceló Aran Mantegna Hotel in Rome, Italy.

Located in EUR-Garbatella, in the heart of the business district, Barceló Aran Mantegna is surrounded by green spaces and very close to Rome's new exhibition centre, the Nuova Fiera di Roma. It is perfectly connected to the city and to the international airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino.

We hope you will join us at this stunning destination....

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