Agile Testing Days Open Air 2023

AgileTD Open Air 2023

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Comparatively young, Agile Testing Days Open Air is not like any other tech conference. The idea of this conference has been haunting our minds for quite some time and found its way into reality due to – or should I say thanks to – the Corona pandemic. We wanted to create an #agile #testing event that could be outdoors, with lots of fresh air, and be as safe as possible for our speakers, attendees, and sponsors. Because at that point, we all didn't know how long this pandemic would last.

Out came Agile Testing Days Open Air, an event happening at the Cologne Blackfoot Beach with a limited number of attendees. An exclusive event with a very intimate atmosphere, smaller groups, more face-to-face time with testing luminaries and industry experts, and with more time to relax between the sessions to balance intense learning and mental recovery.

We have captured many topic suggestions from our community survey, see the results in the list below! We are happy to receive your creative presentation ideas. We also welcome contributions from all experience levels. We have 8 x 105-min workshop slots and 16 x 25-min talking slots to fill and due to that limitation, we expect high-quality proposals.

Test Automation:

What is Automation in Testing?

Hands-on Automation

Automation Strategy

Testing Strategies:

Ensemble Testing

Exploratory Testing

Manual Testing

Continuous Testing Strategies

How to create better Testing Strategies?

Testing in DevOps, Scrum, SAFe, etc.



Performance Testing

Security Testing

Accessibility Testing

Usability Testing


API Testing

Agile Testing in Different Forms:

Risk Analysis

Reporting in Agile

Test Design

Modern Testing Principles

Shift Left

Software Development:

Live Coding by Speakers


How to build Quality Engineering teams?

Agile Testing in Remote Teams

Critical Thinking

Communication & Storytelling


Collaboration & Team Building



Experience Reports:

How I tested X

What I learned from Y

How I approached Z

Agile and/in …:

Agile and Design Thinking – or more general INNOVATION

Agile for Real-Time & Embedded Systems

Agile in Regulated Environments

Agile Management and Leadership: Roles, Responsibilities, Models & Approaches


Mental Health and Psychological Safety

Sustainability in Tech

Ethics in Tech

Quality Coachings

Software Engineering

Quality Engineering