The call

The 6th Nordic Challenges conference is accepting paper proposals related to one of ReNEW's six streams or to one of the proposed panels listed below. 

Panels in the "Closed"-section are not open for proposals. Please consult the full call for an overview of the conference themes. 

The conference organizers will create new panels (or supplement existing ones) based on papers submitted to the general ReNEW streams. This year, UiO:Nordic has chosen to include an additional stream relating to environmental issues. The streams are as follows:

  1. Nordic cooperation and region-building

  2. Democracy, governance, and law

  3. Public policy, gender equality, and labour markets

  4. Imagining Norden – branding and Nordic reputation

  5. Multiculturalism and globalisation

  6. Nordic culture, education, and media

  7. Nature, the environment, and sustainable societies

Please submit paper abstracts (200-400 words) before 15 February.