International Accreditation Council for Business Education Annual Conference

IACBE 2022

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In honor of 25 years of IACBE and our focus on being a premier member organization, we are making this year’s theme “Members’ Choice”.  We hope to encourage a wide range of submissions on subjects that higher education business program professionals are passionate about.  Submissions are welcome from members and nonmembers alike.

The 2022 Annual Conference and Assembly Meeting will be held at the Hilton Orange County/Costa Mesa in Costa Mesa, California, USA, April 4-8, 2022.  We hope the Members’ Choice theme, as part of our overall Moving. Forward. Together. vision, expresses what we hope for 2021, and underpins our belief that excellence in business education requires respecting and valuing the unique characteristics, attributes, and perspectives of all stakeholders in the educational process and results in graduates who possess the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the future business environment.

The IACBE welcomes proposals for presentations in areas that support excellence in business education. Examples of topics include preparing students to be adaptable and agile in the rapidly changing business environment, ensuring equity, inclusion, and equal access to business education, providing experiential learning opportunities that develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, working with underprepared students, developing socially responsible leaders, integrating a variety of teaching modalities to reach students (on-ground, online, hybrid, other), teaching techniques for specific business topics, or any other topic related to the theme that supports excellence in business education.

In addition to the above topic areas, as a part of the live face-to-face student case competition sponsored in partnership with CapSource, presentations that target topics of interest for students will be considered. Examples of topics include preparing for a job search, deciding on work or grad school, building a five-year plan, or any other topic of interest for students.


We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Peregrine Global Services to again offer the

IACBE-Peregrine Global Services Best Paper Award

The author of the selected paper will receive an invitation to attend a leadership development workshop presented by the Peregrine Global Services during the fall IACBE Accreditation Conference that includes $1,500 for travel reimbursement.   

See below for details regarding the Best Paper Award.



Conference Proposal Submission Guidelines

All Presentations will be Peer-Reviewed

  1. The intended audience is deans, program chairs, directors, and faculty (students for the special student-centered presentations).

  2. Presentations should be designed to last for 40-45 minutes, which includes the time for questions and answers.

  3. All proposals for conference presentations must include the following elements:

  • Proposer: The name(s) and affiliation(s) of presenter(s) on a separate page so that it can be removed when the documents are given to the reviewers

  • Statement of Topic: Title of the presentation

  • Format: One- or two-person presentation; Presentation with roundtables; or Panel Presentations (limit to three panel members and a moderator)

  • Description: A Short Description of the Presentation (no more than 75 words)

  • Summary: A Summary of the presentation (minimum 500 words)

  • Outline: Outline of the Presentation (demonstrate the flow of the presentation)

  • References: (if applicable)

  • Audio-visual needs: A computer and projector will be provided. All resources needed for presentations should be loaded on flash drives.

Presentations should not have been previously published or presented. Exceptions will be made for presentations that were a part of a panel at a previous IACBE meeting or given at an IACBE regional meeting.


Submission Deadline

The deadline for submission is December 10, 2021. Individuals who submit proposals will be notified by January 15, 2022 of acceptance ecisions for inclusion in the ACAM program.

Submission Format

All proposals must be submitted electronically as email attachments in MSWord format to:


Submission Guidelines: IACBE-Peregrine Global Services Best Paper Award

Peregrine Global Services will once again sponsor the Best Paper Award.  Eligible papers are those aligned with the 2021 ACAM theme, accepted for presentation as a conference session, and not previously published.  All papers accepted for the conference will automatically be considered. The author of the selected paper will receive an invitation to attend a 2-day leadership development workshop presented by Peregrine Global Services during the next IACBE Accreditation Workshop that includes $1,500 for travel reimbursement. For additional information and complete paper submission guidelines go to or contact Dr. Phyllis Okrepkie

To be considered for the Best Paper Award, authors must submit a completed paper that is aligned with the 2022 ACAM theme. The paper must not have been previously published. The topic must be submitted as a conference presentation by December 10, 2021. The award will be presented by Peregrine Global Services during the IACBE Annual Banquet on April 7, 2022.