About SOS

International ASRG conference SOS (Secure Our Streets), which takes place for the second time and will be once a year. The conference is all about automotive cybersecurity which discusses and presents the latest interesting insights, technologies, solutions and processes from companies and leaders with well-known experience in the industry. Passenger cars, commercial vehicles and more are fast becoming the world’s most sophisticated computers and networks on wheels, which is a great target for cybercriminals. In addition, the OEMs and the suppliers are obligated to the new standards and regulations such as ISO/SAE-21434 and UN R155, which requires from them reorganization, new responsibilities, new resources, new cybersecurity culture and processes. At SOS, we explore existing and emerging cybersecurity challenges and solutions.

Bring your ideas and research to SOS

We are inviting presentations of recent advances in the area of automotive security and privacy including technology, organizational strategies, implementation of policy and regulations, methodologies, use-case demonstrations, challenges and future directions. The list of topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Security and risk management and frameworks for vehicular systems, automated driving systems

  • Processes, methods, application of tools for automotive security

  • Security Culture

  • DevSecOps, SecDevOps

  • Vulnerability management, incident response

  • Threat intelligence, forensics for the automotive domain

  • Intrusion detection systems, anomaly detection

  • Architectures for security and privacy in future autonomous vehicular systems, electric vehicles, V2X ecosystems

  • Security implications of future networking technology in the automotive domain(e.g. 5G)

  • Over-the-Air SW/FW updates

  • Standardization and automation of automotive security

  • Supply chain security for automotive systems

  • Security of off-road vehicles and commercial vehicles

  • Best and worst practices in establishing security programs

  • Privacy aspects of automotive data economy

  • Legal and regulatory aspects for automotive security and privacy (e.g., cross-regional)

  • Current automotive security challenges and future trends

  • Future of automotive security – Blockchain, Robust AI systems, PQC for automotive, crypto agility, data management infrastructure


  • Submissions must have a real name, no aliases.

  • Disclosure presentations in which the affected companies have not been informed, will not be considered. The reason for this conference is not fame, but to inform.

  • Submissions may only be entered by researchers/speakers (no submissions from PR firms/marketing representatives).

  • Product or vendor-related pitches can only take place in Sponsor Booths.

  • Submissions must clearly detail concepts, ideas, findings, and solutions a researcher or speaking team plans to present.

  • Submissions that highlight new research, tools, vulnerabilities, etc. will be given priority.

  • Submissions that include White Papers are highly encouraged and will also be given priority.

  • Incomplete Submissions will not be considered.

  • Individuals may submit more than one proposal, but each proposal must be submitted via a separate submission form.

  • Each submission must include detailed biographies of the proposed speaking team.

  • Submitters will be contacted directly if Review Board members have any questions about a submission.

  • Presentations and videos will be published sometime after the conference unless the submitter requests specifically not to be published.

  • To request work not to be published after the conference must be done at the time of submission or per email before the conference. Requests after the conference will not be considered.

Pre-Recorded Videos

Since this conference is international and the worldwide infrastructure and scheduling issues can have an impact on the quality of the presented content at the conference, we require that all presentations be pre-recorded.  Presentations can be also live, however, a pre-recorded video is still required.

Videos must be at least HD quality.

SUBMIT NOW: https://sos.asrg.io/cfp/