Temes de Disseny #38 - Caring Through Design: From Personal to Planetary Wellbeing


Health & Medical Sciences (General) Public Health Crafts, Design & Arts Sustainable Development Interdisciplinary Studies (General) Innovation Creativity

The 38th issue of Temes de Disseny addresses the complexity of health and human wellbeing, integrating technological, environmental, medical, ethical and behavioural-anthropological perspectives. The role of design is key in creating new visions, options and solutions that make use of the latest scientific knowledge, particularly relating to energy efficiency and climate change, as well as, of course, biological efficiency. And this must all be done with the precautionary principle in mind, by which life, in all its forms, is cared for, and the provision of health and wellbeing is seen as essential to sustainable development. 



This new issue will be published with open access, peer reviewed and indexed content. We call for papers (original journal articles, state-of-art reviews, design case studies or pictorials) to gather knowledge regarding the following generic topics:





  • A proactive approach: Observation of scientific developments and their anticipation in design / The precautionary principle / Participatory design to involve people in global wellbeing / Going beyond regulations.

  • An ethical vision: Considering global health when it comes to technology that enhances capabilities / Respect for personal and individual choices / The role of brands in delivering and promoting wellbeing / Neuromarketing for wellbeing.

  • Designing for the body and mind: Biophilia and biomimicry / Individual perception / Somaesthetics / Soma design / Neuroarchitecture.

  • A healthy environment and the exposome: The Good Place / Healthy domestic interiors / Public spaces contributing to people’s health, beyond productive aims / Quality of the indoor environment / Healthy materials / Evolution of hospitality services to consider wellbeing - in Retail; Offices; Hotels; Bars & Restaurants; and Hospitals.

  • Care Territory (physical & digital networks): Systems involved in promoting global health / Spaces for healing & caring, physically, and mentally / Design communication to empower and involve people.

  • Management of global health: How to implement healthy design in all policies to promote health among citizens and for the environment / Policy Advice (OMS SDGs) / Education in wellbeing (curricula and general citizenry).






This number's Guest Editors will be Anna Maria del Corral, PhD; Elisabet Silvestre, PhD; Ricardo Guasch, PhD.





It will be published on Summer 2022.

























Temes de Disseny (Topics on Design, hereinafter TdD, in its Catalan acronym) started in 1986 as one of the first design local journals written in Catalan. It was created with the goal of being a knowledge transfer channel between design professionals, pedagogues and scholars. TdD aims to bring together knowledge generated by experts from multiple disciplines, who study design from distinct points of view. Each journal edition intends to approach specific topics related to design, such as: design methodologies; innovation through design; indoor spaces and objects shapes; transmedia and macro- trends; design, food and health; visual communication or industrial design, among others.