International Journal   of Software Engineering (IJSEA)


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International Journal   of Software Engineering (IJSEA)

ISSN : 2349 - 219N 2974-5962 (Print)



Soft computing is likely to play an important role in science and engineering in the future. The successful applications of soft computing and the rapid growth suggest that the impact of soft computing will be felt increasingly in coming years. Soft Computing encourages the integration of soft computing techniques and tools into both everyday and advanced applications. This Open access peer-reviewed journal serves as a platform that fosters new applications for all scientists and engineers engaged in research and development in this fast growing field.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following

  • Advanced Topics in Software Engineering

  • Automated Software Engineering

  • Data Science and Engineering

  • Software Process

  • Software & Systems Modeling

  • Empirical Software Engineering

  • Ethics and Information Technology

  • Software & Systems Modeling

  • Software Engineering Research and Development

  • Engineering Mathematics

  • Software Engineering Practice

  • Web Engineering

  • Quality Management

  • CSI Transactions on ICT

  • Mobile Networks and Applications

  • Managing Software Projects

  • Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing

  • Neural Computing and Applications

  • Multimedia and Visual Software Engineering

  • Software Maintenance and Testing

  • Programming and Computer Software

  • Requirements Engineering

  • Optimization and Engineering

  • Innovations in Systems and Software Engineering

  • Languages and Formal Methods

  • Web-based Education Systems and Learning Applications

  • Software Engineering Decision Making

  • Knowledge-based Systems and Formal Methods

  • Search Engines and Information Retrieval

Paper Submission

Authors are invited to submit papers for this journal through submission system. Submissions must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration for publication while being evaluated for this Journal.


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