** Call for Editorial Review Board Members ** (new) Journal on Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics


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** Call for Editorial Review Board Members **
homepage: http://www.igi-global.com/IJCICG
IGI Global and the Editor in Chief are seeking researchers, practitioners, advanced grad students, and experts in computer graphics and HCI (and related) to serve on the Editorial Review Board (ERB) of this exciting new project. The journal will provide coverage of the most innovative and cutting-edge computer graphics and interfaces. ERB members are the lifeblood of the journal, provide expert (double-blind) reviews of articles, and are cross-listed on the site, in the journal, and receive free e-access. Being on the ERB is a great opportunity to not only see and review the latest academic/practical innovations in CG/HCI but also to shape the journal and build professional connections.
IJCICG focuses on the latest visual technologies that raise the bar for novelty, aesthetic beauty, sophistication, and utility. This scholarly resource encompasses the pragmatic and research aspects surrounding the design and creation of effective, novel, visual interfaces in support of creativity and productivity. Coverage areas will include:
- Advances in interfaces to support creativity, productivity, and expression
- Aesthetic computing, visual explanations, and data visualization
- Bleeding-edge Web, RIA, and mobile interfaces
- Cutting-edge interfaces and applications in practical creative fields such as engineering and design, digital art, entertainment, video gaming and computer animation, museums, performance, and other creative endeavors
- Design of new styles of interaction-rich applications and services
- Novel visual metaphors used for visualization or practical data mining
- Societal impact and evaluation of graphical applications and interfaces
- State of the art mobile applications with unique visual characteristics
- Technologies and underpinnings that enable or support visually compelling interfaces
- Trends in innovative and future interfaces
- Use of visual elegance and simplicity
If you are interested in joining the ERB board and are onboard with the journal's Mission, please email the EiC with a brief note describing your background and/or current work, as well as a few URLs to papers or projects if possible.
EiC: Ben Falchuk, Ph.D., bfalchuk AT research.telcordia.com
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