Journal of Digital Technologies and Law


Technology Law

Special issue "Law and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence". Deadline for full articles: 28/02/2023

To participate please contact the guest editor Chiara Gallese chiara.gallese(at)

The journal is the newly established Journal of Digital Technologies and Law, which is platinum open access (completely free for both authors and readers).

The journal is bilingual: all manuscripts are published simultaneously in the Russian and English languages.

The journal’s Editorial Office INDEPENDENTLY and FREE OF CHARGE translates the manuscripts from one language into another.

Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, exclusively via the journal’s official website: Please upload your manuscript as a Microsoft Office Word document (*.doc, *.docx and *.rtf formats).

The journal publishes the following types of manuscripts: scientific reports (2000 to 4000 words), scientific reviews (2000 to 4000 words), original articles (4000 to 8000 words), and scientific surveys (8000 to 16000 words).

We are encouraging you to use the template.