Socialis Series in Social Science is Monographic Series that provides fast and flexible publication of Edited Volumes and Conference Proceedings in the various areas of Social Science, Arts and Humanities. We publish online, peer-reviewed and open-access articles.

Includes scholarly contributions from diverse areas of Social Sciences. Combines theory and practice to open new frontiers of research and debate on key topics in the field of Social Sciences.

Aims and Scope: The journal aims to publish inter-disciplinary articles from the field of Social Science and Humanities.

ISSN: 2583-1585

Frequency: As this serial is a 'Monographic Series', books are released in successive volumes, each of which is structured like a separate book or scholarly monograph.

Format: Online


Katalin LIPTÁK, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Head of Department, Faculty of Economics, Department of Labour Market and Employment Policy, University of Miskolc, Hungary