Mediate 2022: News Media and Computational Journalism Workshop

Mediate 2022

Social Sciences (General)

The third MEDIATE workshop will be held on June 6, as part of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM). The main goal of the workshop is to bring together media practitioners and technologists to discuss new opportunities and obstacles that arise in the modern era of information diffusion. This year's theme is: Misinformation: new directions in automation, real-world applications, and interventions.
Call for Papers
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
New directions in verification automation: novel automated and human-in-the-loop methods for rumour detection/verification, fact-checking, stance classification and novel relevant tasks. Submitted papers should describe how their advantages would lead to being adopted in practice by journalists and the public, e.g. improved generalisability, ability to provide explanations, reduced bias, etc.
Real-world applications of automated methods: success stories (e.g., trending news/events detection), challenges (e.g., misinformation detection), partial solutions to known challenges (e.g., interpretable models).
Interventions: effective interventions to prevent the spread of false claims, automated and semi-automated content moderation, interdisciplinary discussions on digital governance and democracy.
We invite submissions of technical papers and talk proposals:
Technical papers must be up to 4 pages (short papers) or up to 10 pages (long papers). Technical papers must contain novel, previously-unpublished material related to the topics of the workshop. Accepted papers will be presented orally and will appear in the workshop proceedings.
Talk proposals must be up to 2 pages describing the content of a short talk (the actual length will be determined based on program constraints).
Papers must adhere to the ICWSM guidelines and be submitted through EasyChair. You can contact the organizers (details below) for questions related to the submission or participation.
If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of the organisers:
Elena Kochkina, The Alan Turing Institute/QMUL,
Panayiotis Smeros, EPFL,
Jérémie Rappaz, EPFL,
Marya Bazzi, The Alan Turing Institute/Warwick,
Maria Liakata, The Alan Turing Institute/QMUL,
Arkaitz Zubiaga, QMUL,