Journal of Life Science and Nature

Journal of Life Science and Nature 2008

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Life Sciences & Earth Sciences (General)

Zoology is the biological discipline which involves the study of animals.

The journal provides an international forum for papers on evolutionary zoology research. The journal offers a competent survey of the diversity of evolutionary research and related fields. Emphasis is on the synthesis of scientific results from anatomy, morphology, physiology, ethology, general genetics, population genetics and molecular biology.

The journal contains only original articles published in English.

Fields of interest:
Specializes in all fields of zoological science. Particular strengths include insect taxonomy and pest control, reflecting the diversity of the native fauna, effects of introduced animals on the native biota, general and systematic zoology, and evolutionary biology.

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Articles which have been fully copy-edited and peer-reviewed are published online through our online early feature before the print edition of this journal is published.

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