Special Issue on the Use of accelerators in product and process design and manufacturing


Manufacturing & Machinery

This special issue of Concurrency and Computation, Practice and Experience (CCPE) journal calls for submissions on the Use of accelerators in product and process design and manufacturing. Prospective authors are encouraged to informally express their interest to the guest editors.
Carlos Reaño, Universitat de Valencia, Spain
Adrian Murphy, Queen’s University Belfast, UK
Tools for product and process design and manufacturing are being tightly integrated into their corresponding physical counterparts to manage greater avenues for real-time analysis, control, forecasting and optimization. However, this growth does not materialize without a penalty in the form of computational burden. There is a need for flexible and alternative approaches to accelerate product and process design and manufacturing. Therefore, the use of hardware accelerators to achieve such an improvement presents a research topic of increasing interest.
In this special issue, the journal of Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience is calling for submissions of original studies that research on the use of accelerators, such as GPUs or FPGAs, in product and process design and manufacturing. The special journal aims to provide prompt publication of original and high quality research, with emphasis on the development and use of acceleration methods and procedures to solve practical problems, although contributions relating to the accelerator mathematical and theoretical foundations are likewise welcomed.
Topics of interest include but are not limited to:
- Use of FPGAs, GPUs and other accelerators in product and process design and manufacturing
- Deployment of accelerators in Digital Factories
- Offloading computation to accelerators to achieve real-time simulations in design and production
- Resource management and scheduling of accelerators in Industry 4.0
- Communication methods for accelerators in design and production
- Energy-aware accelerator techniques in Digital Factories
- Application-specific accelerators for Industry 4.0
Please submit your paper to Manuscript Central as "Use of accelerators in product and process design and manufacturing" special issue. Submissions should be prepared for publication according to the journal submission guidelines. It is expected that the submissions will address the topic of the conference and contain at least 50% new content regarding any previously published paper. Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality, original work that has neither appeared in, nor is under consideration by, other journals.
Important dates are as follows:
- Submission deadline: November 05, 2021. *** Extended to December 17, 2021 ***
- Expected acceptance deadline: April 01, 2022
- Expected publication date: September 2022
More information at http://mural.uv.es/caregon/manufacc2021.html