PUPIL: International Journal of Teaching, Education, and Learning, is open access, peer-reviewed, and refereed journal. 

The main objective of ‘PUPIL’ is to provide an intellectual platform for international researchers. ‘PUPIL’ aims to promote interdisciplinary studies in Teaching, Education & Learning and become the leading journal in its domain. This journal is dedicated to the gift called ‘Knowledge’ that has powered civilizations.

ISSN 2457-0648

Please email editor@grdspublishing.org for submission of papers related to the scope of the Journal.

Scope of Journal

The journal aims to publish inter-disciplinary articles from the field of Teaching, Education, and Learning such as:

  • Accreditation

  • Blended Education

  • Business Education

  • Contemporary Issues in Education

  • Curriculum

  • Distance Education

  • Educational Leadership

  • E-Learning

  • Educational Psychology

  • Early Education

  • Adult Education

  • Engineering Education

  • ESL

  • Health Education

  • Higher Education

  • International Education

  • K-12 Education

  • Language Education

  • Pedagogy

  • Professional Development

  • Religious Education

  • Science Education

  • Secondary Education

  • Special Education

  • Teacher Education

  • Teaching Methods

  • Technical and Vocational Education

  • Tenure

  • Other issues of interest related to teaching, education, information science, and learning