Journal Preschool Education Today. Theory and Practice

PET 2012


Preschool Education Today: Theory and Practice» is the authoritative source for substantive and feature articles advancing the field of psychology and pedagogy. The journal publishes original theoretical, educational or practical articles on problems of preschool children development and education in Russia and abroad. It gives subscribers integrative articles that draw upon diverse areas of the field and relate them to the whole.

While maintaining our quality standards, we hope to increasingly attract articles and groups of articles which make major contributions across the field of preschool education. Despite the fact that the journal is issued in Russian language, the selected articles from foreign authors will be translated by professional psychologists and pedagogues into Russian.

The journal attracts a large number of submissions each year, of which only a minority are accepted for publication. Full text articles are limited to around 2500-5000 words in length. They must of the final edition and accompanied by an abstract/summary of 200 words. These will be used for indexing and data retrieval purposes.

The journal is published in full colour, thus colour illustrations and photographs are advantageous and welcomed. At this figures or artwork should be supplied in a finished form, suitable for reproduction, as these cannot be redrawn by the publishers.

Articles should also be accompanied by an author’s details: full name, home address with zip code, e-mail, title, profession, scientific designations, work title and place, author’s personal photograph.

Articles and news on recent international scientific events in the field (conferences, project meetings, reports, etc.) are accepted for publication within a month after their occurrence.

According to the agreement between journals «Preschool Education Today, Theory and Practice» and «International Journal of Early Years Education» digests of the most interesting articles (up to 300 words) will be published in the journal «International Journal of Early Years Education».
Please send your inquiry letters and articles to the following address: (editor-in-chief, prof. Nikolay Veraksa)