Call for Papers: Journal of Innovation Supply Chain and Logistics, 1(1), March 2023

Journal of Innovation Supply Chain and Logistics,  is a scientific multidisciplinary journal managed by the Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Serang Raya. This journal aims to publish the results of research in the field of Supply Chain and Logistics and is published twice a year. Journal of Innovation Supply Chain and Logistics includes contributions, but not limited to, in the following fields:

(1) Mathematical and computer-based methods for designing and analyzing logistics and supply chains systems;

(2) Digitalization for logistics and supply chains;

(3) Optimization of logistics and supply chain networks;

(4) Innovation, business models and technologies in logistics and supply chains;

(5) Decision Making on logistics and supply chain;

(6) Decision-Support Systems for logistics and supply chain;

(7) Information technology in logistics and supply chain;

(8) Supply chain analysis, transportation decisions, vehicle routing, bullwhip effect;

(9) Logistics, Transportation, Distribution, and Materials Handling;

(10) Information System, Business Process Management;

(11) Inbound and Outbound Logistics;

(12) Modelling and Simulation of Logistics;

(13) New Technique and Innovation in Logistics;

(14) Logistics Information Systems;

(15) Reverse Logistics;

(16) Supply chain planning, scheduling and control;

(17) Global supply chain;

(18) Supply chain sustainability and risk management; 

(19) Supply chain sustainability;

(20) Stochastic supply chain;

(21) IT-enabled SCM, fuzzy modelling, data mining;

(22) Supply chain network management, modelling/simulation, implementation;

(23) New Technique in Supply Chain;

(24) Supply Chain in Innovation;

(25) Supply chain planning and operations;

(26) Artificial Intelligence and Expert System;

(27) Demand forecasting and management;

(28) Information management and information & communication technology (ICT); 

(29) Business performance modelling, strategy;

(30) Materials and inventory optimization;