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Call for Book Reviews

Security and Defence Quarterly is seeking book reviews in the fields of Security Studies, Political Science, International Relations, and Social Policy. Security and Defence Quarterly is an international peer reviewed open access journal indexed in DOAJ, ERIH Plus, EBSCO, CEJSH that promotes international dissemination of knowledge from an interdisciplinary perspective. Book review should be original and should provide a comprehensive and critical review of the book. Manuscript submissions should be 850 – 1,000 words.


manuscripts should contain the following components:

1. Information concerning the general topic of the study, (including author(s) or editor(s) first and last names, title of the book, year of publication, name of publisher, total page number, and price);

2. Concise overview of the book’s primary themes;

3. The prevailing hypothesis;

4. Research methodology (if applicable);

5. The intended audience;

6.Significance of the book (by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses, relevance to the field, and comparison of others works on this subject);

7.Overall evaluation of the book;

8.References (if applicable).


All authors must follow the Security and Defence “Guide for Authors”. To submit a manuscript, please go to: and click on the ‘Submit your paper’ button. Book reviews are accepted and published according to a rolling deadline.

Please direct any queries to