Rutgers Journal of Bioethics: Spring Issue

Rutgers Journal of Bioethics 2010

  • Call For Paper Type: Regular
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Alternative & Traditional Medicine Anthropology History

Paper Submission Bioethics Society Mission Statement:
As members of the Bioethics Society of Rutgers University, we hope to raise general awareness of issues in bioethics within the Rutgers community by method of discussion and publication. Although the beliefs and opinions regarding bioethical issues of this group are not unanimous, we are united by our ardent belief that the student population at Rutgers should be made aware of the implications of biological research, medicine, and other topics of bioethical controversy.

Journal Purpose:
In order to bring to light these issues, we are now accepting any
papers that fall under the vast umbrella that is bioethics. All papers will be considered for possible publication. Some example subjects are abortion, animal rights, eugenics, gene therapy, human cloning, and medical malpractice, however you are not limited to these topics.

Deadline: February 28, 2010

This is open to all academic disciplines.

Please include the following in your submission:
Cover Sheet: Article Title, Author Name(s), Institutional Affiliation, Date of Submission,and a Brief Abstract of the Article (include contact information with e-mail address and phone number)

There are three types of submissions we accept:
Global News Clips (up to one page in length),Opinion Editorials, and Research Papers (both up to 3000 words in length).

All submissions must be prepared as a Microsoft Word .doc document, double-spaced,
Times New Roman 12-point-font, with numbered pages.

Citations: Submissions must be fully referenced in APA styled format with endnotes. We
ask that you do not submit an article with more than 30 citations. It is preferred that the author has a faculty sponsor to mentor their article, however it is not required.

We encourage the submission of term papers.

Send completed papers to Attn: ARTICLE SUBMISSION

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.