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Unexpected call for contributions, papers, artworks, and photography.

* Call for abstracts - 300 words max - via Google forms link is shown and explained below.


  • The call for abstract and Artworks and the following papers/publication is free of charge;

  • Italian speakers may send the abstract in ITA

  • The Volume will be in full English

The call is open to architects, planners, artists and scholars of sociology, philosophy and urban studies and related fields.

Given the emergency events affecting the whole world, for this "unexpected" call we ask the authors to respond to one or more of the following keywords:

- The Unexpected

- Pandemic landscapes

- False scenography - fake sets

- Morning routine - link: https://youtu.be/RjKNbfA64EE

- Minimal Re-Existence

- Caged Imaginarium

- Intimate Squared Meters

- Virulent spaces

- Home sweet Home?

- Objects of interior memories

- Vitality: Interior vs exterior

- 40 days of ...?

- ... Free proposal

The contributions can be inserted into one of the following sections:

1. Articles: 5000 characters maximum, all-inclusive (text, short biography and images)

2. Papers: 25000 characters maximum, all-inclusive.

2. Artworks: descriptive text of 1000 characters max, all included. Minimum number of images 3. A higher number of images must be in odd numbers (5,7,9 ...).

This volume will follow the double-blind peer-review process by selected experts.

The Volume will have an ISBN number and a Scientific Board (shown below).


Abstract submission (300 words max) via Google link form: https://forms.gle/YNhtE4BBhmoPZXp7A

May 4, 2020. The deadline could vary slightly due to changes in the world pandemic.

Communication to the selected authors: within 10 days from the abstract submission, approximately.


*The dates could vary slightly due to changes in the world pandemic, and they will be shown as soon as possible.

  • Communication to the selected Authors and information about the Full Paper/Artwork submission (release, copyright of images, etc.)

  • Double-blind peer-review process.

  • Results and comments will be given to Authors/Artists.

  • The Authors/Artists will have an average time of 15 working days to perfect the work and resend it to Urban Corporis.

  • Communication by the Editor in Chief, if needed.

  • Process of Publication with ISBN: paper and/or E-Book


Full call at https://www.facebook.com/notes/urban-corporis/urban-corporis-x-unexpected/1608035192693928/ and At the Urban Corporis FB page in which all possible updates will be published.

Editorial Board:

M. Milocco Borlini, Ph.D

L. di Loreto, Ph.D.

C. Amadori, M.Sc.

Scientific Committee (unexpectedly evolving):

Chiara Giorgetti, Professor, Fine Arts, Brera’s Academy of Fine Arts, Milan

Alessandra De Cesaris, Professor of Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome

Emilia Corradi, Professor of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano

Sara Basso, Professor of Urban Studies, Università degli studi di Trieste

Fabrizia Berlingieri, Professor of Architecture, Politecnico di Milano

Paola Rizzi, Professor of Urban Design and Planning; associated professor at the University of Sassari, department of Civil, Construction and Architecture, Environmental Engineering of University of L’Aquila

Francesca Giofrè, Associate Professor at Sapienza, Università di Roma

Silvia Covarino, Associate Professor, German University in Cairo

Deniz Balik Lokce, Associate Professor, Dokuz Eylul University Faculty of Architecture, Buca/Izmir, Turkey

Nicola Vazzoler, Ph.D., Urban Studies

Sara Caramaschi, Ph.D, Urban Studies, Post-Doc Researcher, GSSI, L’Aquila

Alessia Guerrieri, Ph.D., Architecture, Sapienza University of Rome

Lorenzo Bagnoli, Ph.D., Architecture, President at I.U.V.A.S.

Arianna Bartocci, M.Sc. Architecture, Vice-President at I.U.V.A.S.

Francesca Dal Cin, Ph.D. Candidate, Urbanism, Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon