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The Digital Scholar: Philosopher’s Lab is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal (Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).


The Digital Scholar: Philosopher’s Lab is aimed to be an open space of academic communications between philosophers, science studies scholars and researchers from neighboring academic fields.

The journal publishes papers in the areas of philosophy and science studies in the Russian and English languages.


(1) The title of The Digital Scholar aims to emphasize the importance of new digital and information technologies in two ways: publication of papers on a variety of online academic platforms to facilitate their visibility and citation; investigation and interpretation of the role of the new technologies in contemporary society as a crucial subject for philosophical studies;

(2) The subtitle Philosopher’s Lab emphasizes an experimental nature of contemporary philosophical practices aiming to investigate science in labs.

An important objective of The Digital Scholar: Philosopher’s Lab is also to increase the visibility of the Science, Technology, and Society studies in the Russian scholarship as an area still insufficiently explored and non-institutionalized in the Russian research and education space.

The Digital Scholar: Philosopher’s Lab publishes original articles embracing the results of theoretical and applied research, the proceeding of scientific events, as well as reviews on academic literature, including the recent books on related topics.


The journal publishes papers in the areas of philosophy and science studies in the Russian and English languages.

The sub-areas include ontology; epistemology; history of philosophy; history, methodology and philosophy of science; logics; science and technology studies; philosophical cognitive studies; ethics; aesthetics; philosophy of religion; philosophy of law; philosophy of culture. It welcomes papers that aim at investigating, analyzing and interpreting varied issues of science and education, culture and society, including the challenges of their transformation influenced by new information and digital technologies, as well as case studies on researchers’ in labs.

The Journal is available in print and online version.

The Journal charges no publication fees.

The languages of the publications: Russian and English

Abstracting and indexing: Ulrichs Periodicals Directory, Philosophy Documentation Center (PDC), ResearchBib.

Each article is assighned with DOI.